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Charles Lam

  From model to influencer and creative director, the strong sense towards fashion and beauty has differentiated Charles as a unique key opinion leader among the markets.


  A significant fans base has been built locally and even extended to international perspective. The high recognition to Charles in the industry not only accomplish different notable collaborations between himself and international luxury and premium brands but also make him as a frequent guest of regional and international events like Paris Fashion Week, SIHH, etc.


  As a digital influencer and fashion insider, Charles understands the ever-changing game in fashion industry. He is not only aiming to be a game player, but also set a very high target to be a market changer. Truly believe that real influence is not just about an attractive appearance but more of the true talent, he deeply devote his passion of creativity and writing to a numbers of channels like VOGUE Hong Kong and all sorts of social media platforms. He believes that being a real influencer need nothing less than professionalism, moreover a kind heart that enhance the influence to motivate people in the best way.

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