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I love these cap-toe oxford lace-ups from a.testoni that have loyally recreated the perfect oxford style shoe in its most simplistic style. The versatility of the shoe means that it can be worn with various different outfits including everything from denim jeans and knitwear, to tailored suits and business casual.
Oxford shoes are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe because of their versatility. Equally diverse is the pair of socks that you can match with your shoes. The matching possibilities are quite endless, and can be tailored to match the occasion, while this guide demonstrates a few ways in which you can style your shoes with more playful socks, don’t be afraid to experiment. 
Besides shoes, briefcase backpack with the small details that complete a fashionable outfit. Crafted of fine, deluxe calfskin leather, a.testoni structured backpack features a roomy interior ideal for storing your laptop, cell phone and other daily essentials.  Elegant backpack and briefcase designed in one with double handle.    

My First Asaya Experience

I recently had spent 4 days in Rosewood Phuket.  It's such a relaxing and nice place to stay. Strongly recommend this place  if you are looking for a luxury resort experience in Phuket.

And while you are here - Asaya Wellness SPA is definitely a must go! A spa like no other. 
Out of all available treatments, “Sound Therapy” attracted me the most. Why? Because no one would imagine "Sound" can become a form of treatment.  This treatment used “Tibetan singing bowls” which placed on and around your body such that your energy fields are balanced and enhanced through the resonating sound and vibrations. You can actually hear those sounds and feel the vibration into your entire body which make yourself so relax and peaceful. This therapy is aim to improve our overall relaxation by bringing brain wave frequency into a theta state.  I felt asleep midway of the session so you can imagine how amazing it was!

If you prefer a traditional massage, the Thai Body Massage that I tried on my second day will be a good option. This Thai Massage was done by skilled professional therapists that bring relaxation to your body and make you feel refreshed and revived!

Hope you enjoy as much as I do next time when you are here and remember to tell me how you like it!


Quality time on requires quality time off.

Being on the road has been a large part of my work recently, and I finally got to hide away in Phuket this time.

Slipping away to a tropical beach break in Rosewood Phuket, the tranquil and refined lifestyle has made me stay at the residence for the entire 4 days.

Here’s quick tips from #char1estravel on when is best to travel in Phuket:
May- Oct, off-peak season with high humidity, since the prices are at an all-time low, it’d be the cheapest time to plan a trip;
Nov-Apr, the rains are over and with the best weather, it’s the busiest time of the year on the island with the most tourists.



Luxurious residence with comfortable furnishings, you can chill at the private pool with an awakening true feeling of escape


15 minutes drive to Patong Beach, Rosewood Phuket is a secluded hideaway


The main pool is relatively small, and would require hotel shuttle to get there


Ta Khai restaurant offers dinner only. It features rustic village ambiance, but you might find the dishes relatively salty. The Italian food at Red Sauce is highly recommended; and I strong suggest you to chill out max at Mai Bar by the pool.


今次入住的Rosewood Phuket,開業只有半年,加上一貫Rosewood的優雅家居感設計,住在這裡就像新屋入伙。而今趟休息之旅真的沒有離開過家門,4天都留在酒店,hea得徹底。到過布吉好幾次的我,今次與酒店職員聊天下才發現布吉5至10月是淡季,濕度較高易有雨,今次5月到訪就有一天整天下雨,其餘時間都天氣甚好。來個 #char1estravel 布吉擇日小貼士:5至10月淡季,價錢實惠,人煙稀少,但陰晴不定;11至4月旺季,價錢較高,人多,天氣應該好好,除非唔好。










Ta Khai泰國餐廳只做晚市,環境一流,食物偏咸;Red Sauce意大利餐廳食物水準超高;Mai Bar於泳池旁chill到極點。



Meet Hong Kong’s finest fashion talents all under one roof! Over the three weeks, 23 Senses was held by Fashionally at the creative hub PMQ. A mix of familiar names as well as some newly launched brands participated in the pop-up event, including HARRISON WONG, Phenotypsetter, YEUNG CHIN, BLIND by JW, MODEMENT, CALVIN KWOK, HAK, POMCH etc. The launch first kicked-off at the Garden Meow Café where the fashion crowd mingled around the eclectic showcase of Spring Summer 2018 styles. 

It’s a display of spring/summer inspirations definitely not to be missed! #c1production proudly presents a series of videos that highlights the labels presented. We thought, why not power up your wardrobe with some twist and fun?

Creative direction by Charles Lam
Shooting and editing by Stephanie Chung
Assisted by Eugene Wong
Feat. Charles Lam and Ruby Fung

IWC Schaffhausen 150th Anniversary





在最繁忙的銅鑼灣,多了一個放慢步伐享受一下me time的好地方:IWC的150週年pop-up cafe。在百德新街的愛侶,面上有種悠然自得,嘆杯咖啡食件cake,欣賞一下150年來的腕錶工藝演化,在lounge area發個「我在瑞士」的白日夢…時間這回事,150年來沒有走快或慢一秒,將所擁有的時間live life to the fullest,懂得活比鬥長命更緊要!

Live Immediately.

The world out there is hectic. Our resolutions, our endless bucket list. It seems like we’ve always got a hundred things to accomplish, and yet busyness is the greatest distraction of living. You’ll never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. So choose wisely.

In the busy town of Causeway Bay, take a step back and enjoy a caffeine sip at IWC Schaffhausen’s pop-up café that celebrates its 150 years of heritage.

Time doesn’t fly, nor does it slow down. Life is long enough only if it were well invested. Be true to yourself today and starting living everyday to the fullest, because now is all you have.