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Australia! Taking a break from the hustle and bustle is always a good idea. The beach was calling, so was the sun!


First stop – Syndey

A morning stroll along the famous Bondi beach was much needed. The splendid views along the coastal walk, the sound of waves washing up against the shore. Calming and tranquilizing, what more could I ask for?

Then that one afternoon at The Potting Shed at The Grounds made me feel like I was a thousand miles away from the city and the crowd. All the hanging plants and great food, the ambience of course! A cozy place to dine in – because #positivevibesonly!


And on our way to Canberra, while waiting for the tow truck, I wondered a few snaps till then wouldn’t hurt after all. Oh, have I mentioned my dad was the photographer of the trip? He was definitely a true pro!

Final stop at Melbourne, where we were off to end the vacation on an exciting note. Yes, you might have already watched and heard my scream from what I put on Instagram story, I sky-dived! Once in a lifetime, you have to do something crazy. Just do it and leave your stress and worries behind!

Not to mention taking a few snaps at the instagrammable Hosier Lane for its street art and at the bright Brighton Bathing boxes, these are the must-do and must-visit while in Melbourne.

Now back in the city with fast pace, I’m missing the Aussie food, the beach, and the sun again…


A Blue And White Getaway

It felt like ages since I truly went on a real vacation as I could barely stay behind for long during business trips. So, particularly excited for this Phuket trip, I was finally experiencing the ultra relaxing COMO Point Yamu. Located at Cape Yamu, the eastern side of Phuket, the sui generis spot was a 30-minute distance from downtown. A total stay of 4 days 3 nights simply at the resort was leisurely thanks to its comprehensive facilities.

Arriving COMO by personal pickup transport from the airport, the contrast of its light grey loft style and the skyline first caught my eyes. The clean and edgy minimal chic interior stood out from typical luxurious tropical-themed resorts. Phang Nga Suite we stayed in was bigger and cozier as expected. Surrounded by a balcony, the 360°sea view compensated the heavy rain (It made me miss the chance to hit COMO’s private island, the Beach Club tho). Anyway, spa, happy hours and Muay Thai kept me satisfied. Two chic restaurants there offered high-quality cuisine as proportional to prices. Salty coconut ice cream was a must-have.

Thought I would have no luck with the sun throughout Cape Yamu as it was still pouring during breakfast, the sudden clear up completed my vacation and got me in the pool for 2 hours (and burnt). Within control, apart from the voice induced by renovation of the main building, COMO Point Yamu aced it in every aspect; Without, just put your optimism and hope together, you will eventually get the light.

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回顧自己今年其實出過不少trip,但全部business trip最多stay behind幾日,真正放鬆去旅行的感覺好像久違了。特別期待今次布吉之行,早在instagram上看過COMO Point Yamu的極chill設計,終於可以親身體驗。座落布吉東邊Cape Yamu,可以說是自成一國也是山旮旯,離市中心約30分鐘車程,但因為配套完善,4日3夜只留守resort也挺優哉游哉。
由酒店專車機場直送到酒店,眼睛先吃冰淇淋,淺灰色工業風建築與海岸線形成對比,整個室內設計花盡心思,走簡約時尚味道,潔白具空間感,相比一般奢華亞熱帶風情resort來得有型。我們入住的是Phang Nga Suite,比想象中更大更舒適,整間房被露台包圍,有360°海景。盡情享受這房間每一吋,去彌補2天大雨無法外出,可恨是錯過了到COMO的私家島Beach Club玩水,但個天還是鍾意我的,做spa、嘆happy hour、學打泰拳也是好玩寫意。兩間餐廳都各具型格,消費偏高但食物水準也高,推介必試帶點咸香的椰子雪糕。
以為今次與陽光無緣,最後一天早餐時間還是大雨,卻突然放晴,興奮得在泳池玩足兩小時,忘了塗防曬曬得皮膚火紅,總算圓滿一個度假之旅。在控制範圍內的, 除了主樓的優化裝修工程比較嘈雜,COMO Point Yamu各方面都得分極高;控制範圍外的,希望在明天,心中放晴自然會見到陽光。

即享訂房折扣: PROCOMOS

How To Be A Clicquologist


年初時被一家法國agency找上了,email中的內容非常吸引,但進一步溝通之前還得簽保密協議 ,其實也算不上什麼大問題,但因為之前也試過收到不少外國大小agency寄來的email,多數伏味甚濃,試過回覆幾次之後便開始提高戒心。今次有想過不回也罷,但好奇心驅使下想知道有什麼內容這麼保密,就決定與他們展開對話。

原來差點置諸不理的,是這個Veuve Clicquot舉辦的Clicquologist program。第三年舉辦,香港是今年新設的地點,他們在全球挑選20名influencers參加這個program,度身訂造一整年的香檳生活體驗。我和另一位香港Clicquologist Mayo Wo就有幸踏上香檳之都 – 蘭斯(Reims)之旅。

冷知識分享(其實可能大家都知道),Champagne是個法國地方名稱,而只有從這裡生產的氣泡酒才能稱作香檳。而Veuve Clicquot的發源地就是這個地區內的蘭斯市,今次的重點活動是入住他們旗下的Hotel Du Marc,這幢極華麗大宅並不對外開放,只作招待品牌VIP之用,所以今次絕對是有錢也買不到的體驗。古典的建築,內裡是充滿法國情懷的時尚摩登設計,以VC的招牌蛋黃色作點綴。早午晚三餐都得到妥善的照顧,當然香檳少不了,嚐到各款不同的香檳,了解更多後便發現固中微妙的不同。重點環節是以Clicquot Rich製作屬於自己的cocktail,我的獨門recipe是加入芫荽、薑及奇異果,辛辣中帶點亞洲風情,在過程中更加了解自己的口味喜好,是個非常有趣難忘的經歷。


1-10 Los Angeles Travel In The C1 Way


It’s already been 10 years since my last footprint in LA! Being grateful to be invited to be a part of Hermes Dwntwnmen event in March, of course it was a great chance to explore this vibrant city(again)! The convenient location of the elegant Sunset Tower Hotel definitely helped when it came to sightseeing. There’s never too long for little vacation like this in an artsy district with the good weather.

1. Melrose Place:  Americans’ favourite Alfred Tea is here with stylish home furnishing store The Line Apartment in a comfy, hipster district!

2. Paul Smith Pink Wall:  You know it when you see hipsters pose in front of the Instagram spot. Make sure you have your poses ready before you hit the Pink Wall!

3. Griffith Observatory: Thanks to La La Land(one little fan here!), the deck was packed but you cannot resist the spectacular scenery(Especially at sunset)!

4. LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art): Another cool Instagram spot with Urban Light(a collection of vintage lights installation), you can’t get more artsy with its wide variety of exhibits.

5. Getty Museum: No eye-popping exterior, but the hovertrain ride to the Getty Center was definitely interesting. Skippable if out of time.

6. The Grove: Extraordinarily like this awesome accidental discovery! You can stay here for ages enjoying nice tunes from a live band and a view of passing trams with flashing lights. Totally got a theme park vibe!

7. Universal Studio Hollywood: Mainly consisted of indoors 3D rides instead of trilling ones, it was fun despite the park size. It is totally worth the price to get yourself a ‘Front In Line’ Express Pass. Skip the line, save the time.

8. Santa Monica Pier: Foggy as Silent Hill while visiting but colourful rides still popped! Want a break from burgers and steaks? A wide range of restaurants here served pretty good seafood.

9: In N Out: The highly-rated typical burger chain was good but a 45-minute wait on a Sunday! Heard of the amazing downtown’s Eggslut, didn’t try it this time(pity!) but save it for next!

10. Korean town: Heard that L.A. served better Korean cuisine than Hong Kong, especially Korean barbecue. Please try the most famous Kang Hodong - Still a 1-hour queue at 9ish but Astonishing!


數數手指,都有十年以上沒有到過L.A.,3月因參與Hermes的派對再次到訪,當然要多留幾天享受加洲陽光。今次入住Sunset Tower Hotel,非常華麗典雅,而且位置方便,好讓我把朋友們推介的熱點都差不多去齊,結論是在這片陽光充沛、藝術味濃郁的廣闊國度,多留幾天都不會嫌多。

Melrose Place
極舒適型格小區,必到The Line Apartment觀摩型格家品,樓下的Alfred Tea是當地人至愛。

Paul Smith Pink Wall

Griffith Observatory
因為La La Land而人氣急升,作為小粉絲的我當然要朝聖一番。但小粉絲當然不止我一個,整個觀景台人山人海,風景的確怡人但相信黃昏時分會更靚。


Getty Museum

The Grove
誤打誤撞因要找一間店舖而到了The Grove,卻異常地喜歡,亮燈電車沿商店街行駛,甚有主題樂園味道。中庭的草地有樂隊演奏,很chill的可以坐上很久。

Universal Studio Hollywood
好玩但沒有預期中大,而且大多數是室內3D遊戲,大型好玩過山車欠奉。買了”Front In Line”快證所有機動遊戲都不太需要排隊,爽之餘更節省很多時間,個人認為這錢值得花!

Santa Monica Pier
到訪當日由萬里無雲變Silent Hill式大霧,碼頭上的遊樂設施依然繽紛,旁邊餐廳有不少海鮮選擇,吃得太多burger和牛扒可以緩和一下。

In N Out
不少人推介的In N Out是最標準的快餐店,只售漢堡包味道相當不俗,但剛巧星期日大排長龍,等了四十五分鐘有點那過。聽說downtown的Eggslut會更滋味,可惜今次沒有時間一試。

據聞這裡的韓國菜比香港的好吃多了,尤其韓燒,最有名氣的Kang Hodong九點鐘到都還要等一小時,但食物水準確實超班,可以一試。

Into The Woods

Happy 2017 everyone! 

I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday break.  

After much thought and consideration, I had decided not to spend my vacation this time around only in the busy metropolitan area in Japan but to also treat myself a relaxing hot spring vacation in Karuizawa, a resort town nested at the foot of the mountains near Nagano. Turns out it was a great decision. Karuizawa was amazing not just the natural Onsen and how everything integrated into the woods but also further offers museums, attractive parks, shops and restaurant for leisure and photos. I highly recommend those who often travel to Tokyo but don't mind squeeze one or two days out from their busy schedule to go for a visit if time allows.  

In the photos, I was wearing Loewe Spring 2017. Mr. Jon Anderson set the mood in this collection with full-on organic, down-to-earth and childlike simplicity which perfectly matched the atmosphere in Karunizawa. Some favorite items from this season including the navy blue light hiking jacket, crewneck patchwork stripes and indigo goya backpack, these blues make a beautiful sight with the blue sky and the woods.