5 Ways to get Glowing Skin in Summer with La Mer!

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NEW Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream(s) that will keep your skin cool and refreshed during the summer heat. This latest ultra-COOL innovation delivers a burst of soothing, healing moisture and leaves skin a fresh, satin finish. Infuse your skin with the sea-sourced renewing energies. 


And more...

The Moisturizing Soft Lotion - Continuous Moisture. Softens visible age away

Creme De La Mer - Heals dryness. Soothes and comforts

The New Moisturizing Cool Gel Cream - Delivers a burst of soothing moisture

The Moisturizing Soft Cream - Deeply Nourishes for Glowing Radiance

The Moisturizing Matte Lotion - Balance Shine. Softens the look of Pores




Hello Movember


"I look after myself so well because I want to inspire my audience to take good care of themselves. To have good attitude towards life and all challenges." - Charles Lam

I do believe work-life balance and stay happy is the secret of long life.  I don't drink to get drunk, I watch a lot of movies, I laugh a lot, I go jogging sometimes and lately I am also into indoor cycling cardio exercise. I do care about my appearance but not as much as I care about my behavior, work & the way how I interact with others these days.  

It’s like how we’ve been learning from flight attendant all along who always said, “and remember, in the event of emergency, secure your mask first before assisting others”. If you do not care for yourself. You will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life.  Live longer to explore the world, to inspire, to payback the society, for your friends/family. We all only live once, let’s do it right!

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Essential ITEMS for Taking Care of Your Skin

I don't often talk about skincare products but I really wanted to share with you all my current skin care routine. I've seen a great improvement in my skin after use and I strongly recommend to all of you helping you achieve healthy, glowing skin. So here we go...

(Left to right - everything is from SHISEIDO MEN)

Cleansing Foam - Daily use face cleanser that removes dirt and excess oil on your skin

Skin Empowering Cream - Skin revitalizer to make your skin energized and resistant against signs of again (who doesn't want to look young than they are?)

Total Revitalizer Eye Cream - Anti Wrinkle/Bags lifting function (I have been using this one for years!)

Active energizing concentrate - Intensive Lifting Gel (I don't use it very often but about twice a week in the evening)

Refining Moisturizer - Reduce visible pores, breakouts marks and skin roughness (Optional, it really depends on the condition of your skin)

Multi Solution Gel - High impact gel for skincare emergencies from multiple skin concerns that can appear due to stress and lifestyle habits (this can be use even over makeup and I use it every time I need to work overnight or till late)

You don't have to get all of them but try one or two and experience yourself. Hope you like my skin care tips!

Be flawless! Stay fabulous!