During March 24 to April 2, we embraced the art of travel with the Objets Nomades collection by Louis Vuitton, showcased at Pedder Building.

-An eclectic mix of collectable furniture beautifully crafted created by the world’s greatest designers, including Hong Kong’s Andre Fu-

From the cloud-inspired Bomboca Sofa by the Campana brothers to complex Concertina chair by Raw Edges, the spatial journey at the exhibition shows us what an artfully chic travel truly feels like.

Outfit: Louis Vuitton SS 18

C1 Production: Lavazza Prontissimo!

一向以相片圖像主導,今次C1 Production進一步涉獵影片製作,為Lavazza Prontissimo!即溶咖啡製作兩段影片。為增加趣味性,加入為人熟悉的Instagram Story效果,帶出生活中的共鳴感。

"Boomerang" Morning

"Stop-moiton" Afternoon

Lavazza Prontissimo勝在簡單快捷又不失香濃,我就是邊飲這個咖啡邊想到這兩條片的故事大綱,喜歡咖啡的大概都明白這就是我們的精神支柱!

Have A Sip Of The Beautiful Perry Ellis Watch

“I like to think of myself as a connoisseur whether it’s art, fashion or of course, wine with its complex flavours and bold, rich colours. It’s those beautiful shades of gold and plum that first drew me to these two stunning new watch designs from Perry Ellis.

The Ruby is a standout piece – I haven’t seen this colour anywhere before and it’s the perfect statement accessory. The Gold is my other favourite. It’s so chic and contrasts beautifully against black and white. Depending on my mood, I can interchange the straps to create a completely different look. I really love these timepieces and they’re so affordable too. They definitely reflect the Perry Ellis brand inspiration; fashion is fun and should never be taken too seriously”.

The limited edition Ruby and Gold are available exclusively to my first 50 readers.



初次接觸到Perry Ellis的手錶,已教我色心起,色澤有如紅白酒,透亮醉人。兩款都是柔順易入喉的選擇,全burgundy的組合市場上少見,monotone設計是非常突出的時尚配飾;金錶是不少人喜歡的時尚造型,簡單的襯黑白型格look就已經夠亮眼。試勻兩款美酒,的確教我心醉,時尚好襯而且定價宜人,帶有Perry Ellis的時尚玩味基因,是日常穿搭襯衫之選。




We Don't Do Normal

When you heard how they greeted you with a Cantonese slang ‘Say a bowl when you see a bowl, say a plate when you see a plate(literal meaning) (it means being blunt)’ once you stepped in, you knew that pentahotels upheld the ‘We Don’t Do Normal’ motto. Located in an unusual non-touristy old neighborhood San Po Kong, the newly-built hotel creates a big contrast with the aged industrial buildings, making you more curious of what they are about. What they are selling is the good old days of Hong Kong. Hong-Kong-themed elements are often hidden in the modern industrial interior, such as neon light signs, giant wall paintings and even food options, which have attracted thousands of foodies. Presence of Hong Kong’s collective memories is often spotted like back-in-the-days toys at game room and old pictures of Hong Kong in rooms. Tourists can get a refreshing twist while us Hongkies will definitely feel nostalgic and close.

An unordinary hotel also suggests unordinary activities. If you’re just aiming to shop around Tsim Sha Tsui or Central, there are for sure tons of ‘normal’ hotel options. In this renovated, old neighborhood, different upstairs stores and art markets definitely worth visiting. A relaxing weekend getaway to Sai Kung by minibus is also a good idea.

The ‘One man's meat is another man's poison’ saying printed on the lobby wall probably voices out the fact that there’s tons of ways to enjoy the one and only Hong Kong.

19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong

一踏進酒店的歡迎語句是“有碗話碗,有碟話碟”,你就知道pentahotels果然履行”We Don’t Do Normal”的宗旨。酒店選址新蒲崗就知道是非一般的選擇,簇新的酒店與舊式工廈形成強烈對比,讓人更想知道他們是咩胡盧賣咩藥。他們賣的,就是老香港情懷。摩登工業風的室內設計,埋藏著港式元素,餐廳內滿是懷舊風的霓虹燈牌,巨型壁畫呈現老香港風貌,食物選擇也圍繞港式主題,這餐廳除了照顧住客也吸引到不少foodie到訪。香港人的集體回憶遍布不同角落,遊戲房內有不少懷舊玩意,房間牆身展現舊街角,遊客住得新鮮,我們香港人卻有份不解的情意結。

不是normal的酒店也提倡不normal的活動,若然只為到尖沙咀、中環等名店血拼,更normal的酒店選擇也太多。這裡卻可以發掘新蒲崗這舊區的活化風貌,不少樓上小店、藝廊市集等都值得到訪。從這裡可以乘小巴直達西貢,休閒海邊一日遊也是weekend getaway的好主意。大堂牆上一句“蘿蔔青菜,各有所愛”,大概道出了不normal不一樣的香港,還是有好多玩法。

19 Luk Hop Street, San Po Kong
Kowloon, Hong Kong


Staycation Review: Apartment Suite, Landmark Mandarin Oriental

What is better than staying at Landmark Mandarin Oriental’s Apartment Suite for a weekend to experience the luxury of the hotel’s second largest suite? Named as the Apartment Suite, it implies that the suite is not just luxurious but also warm. You cannot resist the spacious, cozy living room, nor the magnificent bar and dining areas, not to mention the massive round bathtub(a nice bubble bath with cocktails is decent). Gathering your friends for a party also sounds great. Make your night memorable and satisfactory by plugging in your Switch to the television for a dance battle.

In the heart of Central. Geographically convenient and unbeatable.

Courteous service.

Super comfy at the hot bathtub. No stress under relaxation.

Breakfast at Amber is such an enjoyment.

剛剛的週末住進了Landmark Mandarin Oriental的Apartment Suite,體驗一下這間全酒店第二大套房的奢華享受。命名Apartment Suite,意味著套房不單止豪華,但也有著家的一份窩心親切感。大龐寬敞舒適,餐區與酒吧具氣派,點點吸睛是巨型圓形浴池,邊浸泡泡浴邊嘆cocktail的確寫意。趁機找三五知己來開個party,超級大電視接駁Switch體感遊戲機,來一場勁舞battle,最後誰勝誰負也不重要,最重要是這晚的快樂會一直留在大家心內。





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The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong