10 Things About Charles

I recently had an interesting project to work with my friend Anjaylia to write 10 interesting things about ourselves for an online magazine to allow people to know more about us. Here you go my portion.

10 questions about Charles by Anjaylia Chan.

“Besides work, what you like doing most?”
Many people think that I am slim because I have a small appetite.  In fact, I am a foodie who likes to surf online for nice restaurants in my spare time.

“Where is your favourite place among those you have been to?”
It is definitely my home.  No matter how wonderful a trip is, the moment I feel most relaxed and comfortable is the moment I am back home.  

“If you could choose anyone, of all time, to have dinner with, who would it be?”
I would say a karaoke dinner with adele because it would be the best joy to my ears.

“If you could only have one item to wear for the whole summer, what would you choose?”
A white t-shirt.  It’s simple and works with anything you have.  One condition though, there must be a few of them for changing.

“If you were not working in this industry, what would you be doing?”
I am not willing to leave the creative industry. Besides, I am passionate about writing.  I’d like to try writing lyrics if there’s a chance.  

“What are the stories behind charles and char1es?”
When I was a newborn, my parents saw a baby called Charles in a tv commercial one day, who they said looked very much like me.  So in an impulse, they named me Charles!  On the other hand, “char1es” was the name I took when I opened my instagram account. Number “1” in it is the symbol to remind myself to give my best in everything I do.

“How was your 2016 so far?  What is your goal for this year?”
The trip to SIHH and fashion week at the beginning of the year was a productive one.  It started a new page in my life and my career. This year, I will put more effort into my creative work.  There are a few projects of various media going on now, by which I hope to present myself in multiple angles. Aj:c1 is one of them.

“How different is it between where you are now and where you imagined yourself to be 10 years ago?”
It seems that the pictures I envisioned 10 years ago are gradually materialized with the best I can. I was once lost but finally found the right path for myself.  I am thankful that I never gave up in the past 10 years.

“What colour best represents you?”
There is an inseparable connection between colour pink and me.  The all-pink series "Love Goes On" collection is still one of my favourite among the products of my own brand.

“what do you want to say to your haters?”
“Love or hate me, i stay hate-free.”

Anjaylia為新劇《殭》四出宣傳,我也正為出席北京電影節作準備,各有各忙但不忘見見朋友放鬆一下,一同穿起我們最愛的色調Pantone color of the year 2016: Rose Quartz,完成了這個簡單而隆重的粉紅色對話,我們稱之為“十全十美的十問十答”:



和Adele karaoke dinner應該會是耳朵最大的幸福。



Char1es是開instagram account時改的,”1”是提醒自己要把自己做得最好。

年初的SIHH及fashion week trip獲益良多,開拓了自己事業和人生的新一章。今年會更著重創作,有幾個不同媒介的創作企劃進行中, AJ:C1也是其中一個,希望能呈現更多角度的我。


粉紅色跟我有不可分割的淵緣,為自家品牌創作的Love Goes On全粉紅系列,仍然是我最喜歡的作品之一。

“Love or hate me, I stay hate-free.”

Walking down the memory lane of Montblanc


Every writer has a great story behind. My story is about a pen that made me start to create and write, a pen that links between myself and the childhood of my dad. 

My dad is not a talkative person, he rather chooses to speak with his actions. Although I did not get to understand his work much, I always knew that he has a kind of fixate or attitudes to his quality of life, which also allowed me to get in touch with fashion. Back to when I was a kid, I used to go getting Montblanc pen with my dad. Although I didnt really understand the value of it, I could tell it is very important to him from his eyes. 

After getting in touch with fashion, creative industry, I got into a fashion school and started to delivery messages with brush. A few years later, I started to utilize fountain pen to write, and finally got to know why my dad was so obsessed with it. 

The latest Sfumato collection of Montblance once again recalls my childhood as it features a very fundamental but strong drawing technique - Sfumato, which creates fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colours and tones. Designed by leather expert from Florence, it utilized 4 layers of ink and creates extra texture and touch of interest to the piece. Every detail lining was hand-finished and features premium quality that is extraordinary durable. 

Today I am taking this Montblance briefcase with me to the design school, and let my childhood story begins. 






c1 inspiration: festive camel

Belated Merry Christmas and an early Happy New Year!

I would say that my favorite festival of the year is definitely Christmas. Christmas is forever not for just one day but almost a month long when it comes to celebrations and parties. Planning for a festival-themed party, deciding what to wear that stand out in every occassions and what gift to buy for your loved ones or friends are quite hectic but yet enjoyable.

 If you are struggling right now what to wear for New Year’s eve, here is one of my favourites. A camel wool jacket with a shirt matching the color go with a dark blue jeans and tone on tone accessories – formal yet trendy attire. 

Look at my pictures, and try to imagine I am standing in front of a huge christmas prine tree. What a nice color combination, isn’t it!

TOPMAN shirt and jeans
PRADA belt
LOAKE shoes

fashion interview by chik chak! for cerruti

Fashion Interview by CHIT-CHAK!
Photography by: Rraay
Behind the scene photo by: MemoCreation
Wardrobe by: CERRUTI 1881

Charles Lam – Fashion blogger / Designer

Fashion trend changes everyday, but suits are always the evergreen outfit. Suits and shirts have long been an essential to men fashion and there are countless rework on the material, craftsmanship and design. Charles, a renowned fashion blogger who keeps an eye on fashion, thinks that no matter how the industry changes, basics such as suits and shirts are always the timeless pieces.

1. What do you do? Fashion blogger 

2. What's your outfit to work? There is no specific restriction, but I'll definitely dress up a little bit to attend 

3. How do you feel about Italy? What is the first impression that Italy gives you? Can you choose something that represents Italy? 

Italy is a place that combines fashion, good food and art history. To me, it is wilder than France. To choose one thing to represent Italy, I'll go for the architectures in Italy as it was built long time ago and truly represents the culture of Italy.

4. How would you dress in smart casual style?

Suit jacket, plain tee with a pair of skinny jeans and leather shoes or boots. This is usually my smart casual outfit, something similar to the outfit of the main actor's of One Day. Blending something together casually to create a timeless and stylish outfit. 

5. What's the right attitude of being a gentleman?  

Truly understand yourself in terms of ability and interests before being a true gentleman. Show the best of yourself when you become a gentleman.

6.How does your outfit represent your character? 

Personally, I love doing mix and match for my outfit. This time, I love the outfit that Nam prepared, especially the shirt that constructed out of denim fabric. Denim fabric usually gives people a sense of randomness, but the outfit provides good vibes and I love it very much! 

7. To you, is there something that is immutable? 

Gentleman mentality. In different era, there is different attitude but gentleman mentality is timeless and always fits in different places or distinct era. Having this mentality, you can be a true gentleman. 

Charles Lam – Fashion blogger / Designer

潮流每天都在變,但西服卻是歷久常新。西裝、襯衣多年來在男裝潮流上有許多變化,拼布染料,無其不有,但往往基本的最受歡迎。Charles 作為男性時尚博客,見盡男裝最新潮流,接觸不少高級時裝品牌,但他卻認為無論潮流如何變遷,基本的西服永不過時。

「Fashion Blogger」
「工作不會要求我著得十分隆重,但當出席活動的時候便會 Dress-up 一點。」
「歷史十分濃厚的地方,食物、時裝、皮具都有歷史而且是有名的,我認為他們比法國野性一點的。我會選意大利的名勝來代表意大利,因為建築會在當地有一段時間,所以能夠代表當地的文化 。」
你會如何配襯出 smart casual 風格?
「西裝外套,淨色 t-shirt,配襯一條貼身牛仔褲,最後穿一雙靴子或皮鞋。這是最常出現在我身上的 smart casual 造型,好像電影 One Day 裡男主角那種不經意的造型,十分 Timeless 和有型。」
「要了解自己,可能未做到 Gentlemen 之前需要時間去了解自己的喜好,能力等等。但當到 Gentlemen 時已經了解到自己想要甚麼,能夠把自己發揮得更好。」
「Gentleman mentality。因為在不同的時代會有不同的態度,但紳士的品格或心理在每個年代都適用,都是 Timeless 的。用這個心態去配襯的話,我覺得任何時候都能令自己發光。」

Do what you love, love what you do

Adrian Wong and I are greatful that we can do what we love. That is also why we would like to spread the love to others and develop #ohmylove project. Making use of Adrian’s design and lovelre’s graphic, the collection features a series of embroidery items. Great work from the production Teelocker, the premium material and quality give plenty of surprises to Adrian.

Adrian and I knew each other from a shared experience in a market. Back to the days when HKTV still hasn’t showcased Adrian’s performance, she has already shown her artistic side to us with her handmade accessories. Her cheerful and lovely spirits are reflected behind the cameras while all the audiences can only see her caring side in TV. Adrian does what she loves to do, and most importantly she does not hesitate. For instance, she shows passion and love in the hitchhike market even she gets exhausted from hand making accessories. She definitely shows me how to love what you do.


我和 @wongadrian 黃芷晴都幸運的可以do what we love,所以決定將這份愛放大,促成 #ohmylove 企劃,一起求突破: @omdeer 未嘗試過的服裝; @lovelrehk 未嘗試過的裇衫。Adrian的玩味怪少女畫稿,搭上lovelre的graphic味道,以精緻的刺繡方式呈現。 繼續交予 @teelocker 製作,品質高企,教Adrian見到她的BB時歡喜若狂。而我則充當攝影師,拍下這位新任媽媽與BB最美的一刻。

跟Adrian於market擺檔時認識,當時HKTV還未啟播,她演出的作品還未面世,但她的首飾小物作品已一早與大家分享。鏡頭後爽朗、親切,愛購物,偏愛帶點怪異、充滿相象力的少女味道;鏡頭前總不經意地流露韓式溫柔。面對鍾愛的事,她並沒有什麼包袱、顧慮,甚至於剛剛的hitchhike market即場製作手飾到手震,還是一臉滿足,讓我目擊一個love what you do的好例子。