IWC Schaffhausen 150th Anniversary





在最繁忙的銅鑼灣,多了一個放慢步伐享受一下me time的好地方:IWC的150週年pop-up cafe。在百德新街的愛侶,面上有種悠然自得,嘆杯咖啡食件cake,欣賞一下150年來的腕錶工藝演化,在lounge area發個「我在瑞士」的白日夢…時間這回事,150年來沒有走快或慢一秒,將所擁有的時間live life to the fullest,懂得活比鬥長命更緊要!

Live Immediately.

The world out there is hectic. Our resolutions, our endless bucket list. It seems like we’ve always got a hundred things to accomplish, and yet busyness is the greatest distraction of living. You’ll never ‘find’ time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. So choose wisely.

In the busy town of Causeway Bay, take a step back and enjoy a caffeine sip at IWC Schaffhausen’s pop-up café that celebrates its 150 years of heritage.

Time doesn’t fly, nor does it slow down. Life is long enough only if it were well invested. Be true to yourself today and starting living everyday to the fullest, because now is all you have.