Time After Time

有沒有聽過陳奕迅的一首side track《結束開始》?
「有時送舊 也無法換新 興建加速沒落
旅途終結 全是大峽谷
誰能停留 高峰上慶祝」


2018年在巴黎的這個時刻,是第五次造訪巴黎時裝週,全程戴著Bell & Ross BR S Blue Steel自動計時腕錶,記載每分每秒,同時倒數這個旅程的終結,是下個章節的開始。 喜歡其招牌式的方形錶面,硬朗而優雅,我們有誰不是因歲月因經歷而硬朗起來,我們有誰不曾輕狂過才明白活著的優雅。最重要是過程,冒著雨看著錶趕往騷場,為自己的時尚里程爭分奪秒,感覺就是在我餘生中最年輕的一日不柱過。

People say, today is the youngest you’ll ever be. Time is ticking, and it’s up to us to give life a meaning. Seize the day and enjoy it, because this very moment will never come again.

So, how’s your day?

This 2018 moment in Paris marked my 5th time visiting the city during Paris Fashion Week. I was wearing Bell & Ross BR S Blue Steel, the automatic mechanical timepiece that was not an accessory but an essential part of my travel - not only did it count down to the end of the journey, but it also accompanied when I embarked on a new chapter. Its signature square watch face reminds us to go after our dreams, make the most of every blessed second and don’t miss the fun. Be there or be square, after all.


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