My Pleasure.

Settling into the new year (and the Chinese New Year), I’ve sat down and mulled over my resolution ideas. We all do, don’t we? It’s like a “trend” – at this time every year, we’ve got big ideas about making new changes that we’d like to manifest in the year that lies ahead. But how resolute are we all in these resolutions?


Then I came to think about the secret of living the law of attraction I was so curiously intrigued by. What’s New Year’s Resolution in LOA style?


Attracting all that we want and desire is one thing, upholding our promises to ourselves is another. But first, feel. How do I want to feel this year?



Uplifted? With a character, I think I’ll start with the shoes.

Elegant? Like a finishing touch to an outfit.

Amazed? Just as how learning all the impeccable details and the few hundred aesthetic steps from the Bolognese shoemaking know-how could blow your mind.

And after all, excited, that my collaboration with various brands can share with you all the values we mutually and truly care about.


So here’s a note to this year:

Dear 2018,

It’s my pleasure to do the things that make you feel good.


P.S.  Guess I haven’t yet shared with you, the beauty of Bologna was beyond words, and a remarkable visit to a.testoni perfected my trip on a sweet note. And not boasting my ability to spell out the Cs - commitment, craftsmanship, construction, and comfort that the brand offers have unquestionably left me in awe.