Be A Cerruti Man - Cerruti 1881 SS18

“Maturity is not measured by age, it’s an attitude built by experience.” 

It's my fifth time to Paris Fashion Week and I couldn't be more grateful to be representing Hong Kong to attend Cerruti 1881 SS18 Fashion Show being on the first row with Taiwanese actor Tony Yang, Chinese actors Leon Zhang and Sun Jian. I extraordinarily like the mint suit I wore to the show, its breathing, comfy fabric definitely helped surviving the hottest June in Paris whoa! Styled with a pink bow and a butterfly pocket, nothing better suits the brand’s SS18 refreshing tropical theme. The flourishing spring summer vibe is here.

Creative director Jason Basjamian took inspirations from the tropical look designed by Nino Cerruti for the 1984 TV Series Miami Vice. Palm leaf pattern and oceanic tones are often spotted. Being a Cerruti pink fan for long, the total pink look didn’t fail to excite me (Guys can easily pull it off too). Sporty elements add dynamics yet elegance stays. The perfect balance of youth and maturity fits Nino Cerruti’s motto,“I want them to enjoy a greater sense of freedom in being elegant.”Same applies to accessories, especially XXL compact bags and sunglasses - casual yet chic. After the show, a celebration dinner followed. I was totally thankful to be in the Cerruti family. Cheers to the success of SS18 and the values we can share.

After a few PFW experiences, I started to realize how not to tremble but to keep being passionate - the key to attain the equilibrium of youth and maturity. The carefree elegance comes from experiences. Go leisurely to overcome challenges (say the hottest June and terrible traffic) is probs the first step.

剛剛完成第五次的巴黎時裝週之旅, 今次有幸以香港代表的身份出席Cerruti 1881 SS18 fashion show,與台灣演員楊祐寧,內地演員張雲龍、孫堅並列front row近距離觀摩整個系列。特別喜歡今次出席時穿著的Cerruti薄荷綠西裝,通爽舒適的質料在這巴黎有史以來最熱的6月救了我一命。配襯了粉紅領呔及蝴蝶袋巾,盡情感受春夏的繽紛氣息,更巧合地切合品牌SS18的清新亞熱帶主題。

今季創意總監Jason Basjamian從1984年Nino Cerruti為電視劇《邁阿密風雲》所設計的熱帶風格中取得靈感, 棕櫚樹葉、海洋色調等元素隨處可見。一直是Cerruti粉紅造型的粉絲,慶幸今季也有全粉紅造型,show後訪問我形容該色調是Cerruti Pink,男士穿著也絕不勉強。系列中更加強了運動元素,提升了年輕活力,卻不失品牌的優雅氣質,在年輕與成熟之間找到了完美平衡。正如 Nino Cerruti所說:“我希望男士能夠自由自在地展現優雅氣質。”同樣自由地優雅的,還有配飾,尤其加大碼旅行袋及太陽眼鏡,休閒又不失型格。Show後在後台恭喜過Jason後,晚上再出席他們的慶祝晚宴。慶幸能成為這個大家庭的一分子,分享今季的成功以及共同相信的價值。