Go Big And Go Home


My friends have recently been obsessed with the "Design Home" app. Whenever they have time, they move around furniture to set up their dream apartments, or even purchase virtual decent home furnishings in app. This game no doubt fits all interior design lovers who want to get a taste.

However, in reality, with limited living space, we can't 'renovate' our apartments in a day or few. Whenever there is a chance to, you got to show off your good taste of your lifestyle. My place I have been staying in for long was under renovation lately. Going for monochrome after gathering tons of Pinterest interior design inspirations, I went back and forth Lane Crawford Home to hunt for nice furnishings. Thought having a decided color palette would narrow down my selection but I couldn't help bookmarking all eye catching pieces. However, simplicity rules. Most importantly, give yourself a price limit and invest in the right things. These are my final picks I would like to introduce all!

Johnathan Adler Cushion

Popping red lips on a monotone cushion at the sofa's corner adds playfulness. Have I mentioned it's puffy and comfortable too?

Reflections Copenhagen Candle Stand

The crystal stand stunned me with reflected light pink and baby blue shades under sunlight.

L'ojet Candle

28 is not my lucky number but a representation of a pleasant aroma - Pungent but not overpowering. Bottle design is simple yet elegant and stylish.

Tom Dixon Dishwasher Detergent

Be in style when you do your dishes too! All you need is just a chic bottle of detergent. Not to mention its functionality, placing one already lightsup your kitchen.

Hermes Scarf

An iconic Hermes scarf is no doubt an entry item for the brand lovers. Apart from wearing it and accessorizing your bag, framing enables you to appreciate the beauty of the entire sophisticating print. If you are not familiar with how you do it(like me), simply drop by any canvas stores on Queens Road for professional framing.


If you are keen on monochrome, putting pure white orchids is definitely the right thing to do. No complicating plant care procedures(or even little care is needed), the orchids can still last for 2 weeks.


身邊朋友最近日迷上一款手機遊戲,一有空檔就把家俬擺設左砌右砌,還得花上真金白銀去添置一些虛擬家品,這個”Design Home”遊戲正好滿足一群對室內設計有興趣的玩家。

現實生活中卻不是“講玩”,生活空間有限,不是每三兩天就重新裝修一次,一有機會當然要把生活品味經營得極緻。住了好一段日子的居所最近來個大翻新,早早上Pinterest搜尋大量家居設計reference,選定自己最喜歡黑白monotone,來來回回Lane Crawford家品部數十轉,以為有了色tone規範就可以收窄範圍,但還是貪心的把大量合眼緣的都bookmark一下。佈置家居要謹記simplicity的重要性,當然還有最重要的成本效益議題,給自己定個限額應買則買,應慳則慳。最後精選了以下家品,逐一推介一下。

A) Jonathan Adler Cushion

B) Reflections Copenhagen Candle Stand

C) L’ojet Candle

D) Tom Dixon Dishwasher Detergent

E) Hermes Scarf

F) Orchids

A,B,C,D all from Lane Crawford Home
E from Hermes
F from Flower Market