Weekend Getaways in Ovolo Southside

No one will disagree that a nice holiday break can recharge or rejuvenate you. Need hotel recommendation or to find a little secret hideaway that can recharge your batteries in Hong Kong?

Ovolo Southside hotel located in an up-and-coming Southside neighborhood of Hong Kong is where I recommend you.

Ovolo is a hotel that offers modern accommodation featuring stylish restaurants, lounges, rooftop bar and gym. What's more is they don't only offer many spaced interiors room types to choose from with loads of latest tech in it but also offer complimentary breakfast, mini-bar, Wi-Fi, all day gourmet (coffee and snacks) and even happy hour! Unbeatable deal I have seen thus far.

I have spent my past weekend in the "Long room" with seating area and 2 3DTVs for 6 dimensions of entertainment. Room was very comfortable and spacious, very quiet with a very nice view facing Ocean Park. I finally managed to watch a lot of TV ("Orange of new black" in Netflix - now became one of my fav), sleep and got some works done. I'm really really enjoying myself there a lot!

One tip I want to give those who have late-night snacking habit is to either get yourself prepare for some food or order 24hrs Mcdonald delivery (room service only up to 11pm). That's my personal experience on my first night.

Ovolo website:  http://www.ovolohotels.com/en/hotels/hongkong/

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