For those who prefer signature Dior monogram pattern bag over red, this Darklight bag is another option for you from Dior Homme winter 16/17.  Size wise it's about perfect to carry on your shoulder or even hold it with your hand,  it's not too big and small. Excellent size for me to put my camera, laptop with me everywhere.

Anyone else tired of the slim fitting trend? Let me show you something special which is the wide leg pants with a matching suit from Dior Homme. The amazing cut and fit guarantees that you won't look bulky and fat. It's something different and for sure make you stand out from the crowd.  How to match your shirt, tie and suit? Option 1: I have picked a slim cut bow tie and wide sleeves shirt; Option 2: a black lacquered metal bead necklace on a plain white shirt. 

Go to your nearest store or online to unlock the possibilities from this collection to be effortlessly chic and cool at the same time.

*Outfit / bag / accessories / shoes - all from Dior Homme