The Five in One Show

I am here today to celebrate the new collection of 5 local brands deep-rooted in Hong Kong.  It's a show with a variety of happenings, style and pieces that complement customer's diverse needs. 

Musium Div - 'Vetements' inspired collection for those who have guts to wear something cool and challenging 

5cm - Continue to deliver what they are good at, street fashion for men of all ages. I particular like their ankle-length pants which magically make all outfit looks stylish

Mini Cream - Cute collection with youth cheerful fun for ladies

b+ab - making an effort for ladies to look decent and stylish, slightly more mature and suitable for office ladies and formal occassions

Izzue - so much thoughts put into styling the model on the runway. every model's face was covered with all sort of things such that people can stay focus on the outfit. something different

The last part of the event was a live singing performance by Rubber Band and JW Wong who are one famous local brand and up and coming female singer which truly match the theme of the show, e.g. Made in Hong Kong

Outfit:  Izzue

Outfit: Izzue