Styling Tips: One Piece Different Ways

Are you guilty of wearing thing once? Do people notice that you often repeat your outfit? Isn't that a pity of not being able to wear your favorite items more than one time? What's the smart way of wearing the same outfit twice such that no one would notice or even if they do, they will still give you a thumb up?

Those are great questions, and I am sure we all have that in mind from time to time.  Let me share with you how I "work my closet" to mix and match my recent favorite item together with pieces in my closet in multiple different ways.  

Here I have chosen a silk scarf from GUCCI which is a skinny version in breathable fabrics and suitable for summer. Obviously there are many ways to wear it but let me show you 3 which I think are super easy and friendly ones. 

Use it like a Necktie outside of shirt collar. Don't know how to tie a tie? That's totally fine and just relax. Please forget about the traditional four in hand knot, nicky knot, oriental knot, etc, this is a skinny short scarf with only 34 cm long afterall. All you need to do it's just a simple tie with one knot. Isn't that simple? 


The Choker effect: Wind it around your throat and keep the knot hidden behind your neck,  LV, Gucci loves it this way. 


Want to have more fun? Try the 60s Turban style by following below steps 1, 2, 3. 

Step 1: Fold your scarf in triangle shape (depends how big if your scarf); Step 2: Drape it over your head covering most of your forehead and most important of all is to wear it above your hair line ; Step 3: You can tuck the knot under or just let the tail freely drap


After reading this blog, I do hope that you now have some ideas how to make good use out of your closet without having to waste or buy more clothes and at the same time, make your character stand out! 

Good luck discovering the hidden treasures in your own closet!