Go get yourself some Asiamiles!

I highly recommend you to apply this American Express CX Eite Card to earn points for Asia Miles.  Ever since I applied this card (for about 2 months time now), a good surprise every time I check my balance from my asia miles account. 

Why AND what's even better? 

(1) Apply the card today via http://bit.ly/1OAjAzg  to receive bonus asia miles - if you spent over HKD 5,000 within first 3 months, you will earn 10,500 points immediately PLUS 2,000 extra points

(2) If you are going oversea, you will get additional 1 point for every HKD 3 spent

(3)  Free access to Plaza Premium Lounges, Priority Pass VIP Lounges and Marco Polo green card membership fee waiver

What are you still waiting for? 

真的用家角度,開通American Express CX Elite Card兩個月後,我首次查閱Asia Miles時是有驚喜!里數一直上漲,我期待兌換時的喜悅。

大家透過我的指定連結 http://bit.ly/1OAjAzg 申請,我和你都可以享額外里數,9月30號前申請