A dad is a son’s first hero.

Father’s love is:
to quietly create an Instagram account, something which he didn’t know about,  in order to catch a glimpse of his son’s life. No pictures posted and the few followers are his beloved family members only. He is never an active user. However, he is always able to spot Instagram from a bunch of apps icons loosely displayed on the screen. Then he will go to his son’s page right away and give ‘likes’ to many of his photos. By doing so, he knows that his son is doing well.  I know he has been doing that. Besides, he increases his smartphone font size to the largest and lowers his glasses at a 45-degree angle so that he can read my blogs slowly and clearly before giving his ‘likes’.  Sometimes, you don’t need to have a large number of readers. When you have a loyal reader like this, it is already good enough.    

A father is the hero and also the role model of a son.  Being the only child in the family, I get 100% of attention from my parents.  It is not difficult to find my father’s trait in me.   He is my big brother in commercial shootings. He was discovered by various advertising agents in the streets some years ago and invited to act in three commercials, all of which required him to play a role of an honest and loving father.  He is my photography instructor who has taken pictures for my mother and me since I was born.  

Now, his keen interest in taking pictures of his food before eating is no less than the youth nowadays as he wants to capture each and every moment of our time together.  Picture taking has become our parental activity. He teaches me the skills and we exchange our views on photography aesthetics. He is the photographer of many of my photos.  He is also my mentor in fashion and lifestyle.  I was once worried about him being a shopaholic until I eventually realized that it was his attitude toward life and pursuance of a quality life. 
He shared with me the knowledge of his favourite brands since I was a kid. That’s how I learned about the stories of some classic brands, which a.testoni was one of them.  He has a habit of buying a new pair of shoes for himself before Chinese New Year and a.testoni, the Italian brand, is always the one he picks.  Because of his love of a.testoni, I am privileged to be closely connected with the brand. Similarly, I am also fond of their timeless chic productions. As a result, there came the Lam & Lam Jr./a.testoni crossover for Father’s Day.  

Equipped with our cameras and some a.testoni items, we began our exploration in Wanchai, the place where he works in.  I photographed him with a #ootd angle. From there, I saw a look of satisfaction when he was stroking the soft leather and steps of a youth walking in his new sneakers.  And the bomber jacket of tone on tone helped flatter his body shape.  

Dressed in outfits of our styles, the two of us looked at each other through the lens of our camera while sharing the joy of photo shooting. It then reminded me of the simplest yet most easily forgotten family fun.  It is my honor to have renowned photographer Vivien (@vdubl) capture those memorable moments for us.

Wishing all the heroes around the world a Happy Father’s Day! 


父親是每位兒子的hero,也是我們的role model。我是獨生子,得到100%的關注,在我身上不難發現爸爸的影子。他是我拍廣告的大師兄,在街上被人發掘,拍過三支廣告,演繹的都是敦厚父親角色。他是我的攝影導師,從小到大替我和媽媽拍照,現在的他比時下年輕人更愛相機食先,因為他想記錄底和我們相處的每一個moment。拍照變成了我們的親子活動,他傳授我攝影技巧,我與他研究畫面美學,我有不少照片也是出自他的手筆。他是我對於時尚、生活品味的啟蒙者,曾經誤以為過他是個購物狂,但慢慢理解到這是對品質及生活態度的追求。他把所喜歡的品牌知識都分享給我,從小開始認識各個經典品牌的故事,a.testoni就是其中一個,每逢過年他都會預先選購一雙新鞋,往往都是這意大利品牌的出品。

帶著這品牌情意結,我有幸與a.testoni更緊密的連繫,同樣地愛上他們timeless chic的出品。於是Lam and Lam Jr.與a.testoni來一個父親節的crossover,帶著相機帶著我們喜歡的單品,到他工作的灣仔區來一場探索。用 #ootd 角度替他拍照,看到他摸著超軟熟皮革是一臉滿足,穿起新款波鞋感到步伐更年輕,tone on tone的bomber jacket更能修飾身形。兩父子穿起喜愛造型,看著我鏡頭下的他,他鏡頭下的我,分享拍照的喜悅,喚起最簡單卻最易被遺忘的天倫之樂。今次更有幸邀請到網絡人氣攝影師Vivien (@vdubl) 為我們記錄底這珍貴時刻。