10 Things About Charles

I recently had an interesting project to work with my friend Anjaylia to write 10 interesting things about ourselves for an online magazine to allow people to know more about us. Here you go my portion.

10 questions about Charles by Anjaylia Chan.

“Besides work, what you like doing most?”
Many people think that I am slim because I have a small appetite.  In fact, I am a foodie who likes to surf online for nice restaurants in my spare time.

“Where is your favourite place among those you have been to?”
It is definitely my home.  No matter how wonderful a trip is, the moment I feel most relaxed and comfortable is the moment I am back home.  

“If you could choose anyone, of all time, to have dinner with, who would it be?”
I would say a karaoke dinner with adele because it would be the best joy to my ears.

“If you could only have one item to wear for the whole summer, what would you choose?”
A white t-shirt.  It’s simple and works with anything you have.  One condition though, there must be a few of them for changing.

“If you were not working in this industry, what would you be doing?”
I am not willing to leave the creative industry. Besides, I am passionate about writing.  I’d like to try writing lyrics if there’s a chance.  

“What are the stories behind charles and char1es?”
When I was a newborn, my parents saw a baby called Charles in a tv commercial one day, who they said looked very much like me.  So in an impulse, they named me Charles!  On the other hand, “char1es” was the name I took when I opened my instagram account. Number “1” in it is the symbol to remind myself to give my best in everything I do.

“How was your 2016 so far?  What is your goal for this year?”
The trip to SIHH and fashion week at the beginning of the year was a productive one.  It started a new page in my life and my career. This year, I will put more effort into my creative work.  There are a few projects of various media going on now, by which I hope to present myself in multiple angles. Aj:c1 is one of them.

“How different is it between where you are now and where you imagined yourself to be 10 years ago?”
It seems that the pictures I envisioned 10 years ago are gradually materialized with the best I can. I was once lost but finally found the right path for myself.  I am thankful that I never gave up in the past 10 years.

“What colour best represents you?”
There is an inseparable connection between colour pink and me.  The all-pink series "Love Goes On" collection is still one of my favourite among the products of my own brand.

“what do you want to say to your haters?”
“Love or hate me, i stay hate-free.”

Anjaylia為新劇《殭》四出宣傳,我也正為出席北京電影節作準備,各有各忙但不忘見見朋友放鬆一下,一同穿起我們最愛的色調Pantone color of the year 2016: Rose Quartz,完成了這個簡單而隆重的粉紅色對話,我們稱之為“十全十美的十問十答”:



和Adele karaoke dinner應該會是耳朵最大的幸福。



Char1es是開instagram account時改的,”1”是提醒自己要把自己做得最好。

年初的SIHH及fashion week trip獲益良多,開拓了自己事業和人生的新一章。今年會更著重創作,有幾個不同媒介的創作企劃進行中, AJ:C1也是其中一個,希望能呈現更多角度的我。


粉紅色跟我有不可分割的淵緣,為自家品牌創作的Love Goes On全粉紅系列,仍然是我最喜歡的作品之一。

“Love or hate me, I stay hate-free.”