The Oxford Project

“My wardrobe consists of antique clothes, many of my designs, plus shoes and shirts from Brooks Brothers and Paul Stuart.” - Calvin Klein

A decent shirt is an essential to all men. No matter your are a student or executive, or even you are going for an interview, your decent shirt always serves as an everyday essential in your wardrobe. Of course, I always wear shirt during my holidays to spend some quality time with my family.

All men have an attachment to shirt, especially to those who treasure quality and functionality. Great industry leader Brooks Brothers has long been working on premium Oxford fabric shirt with their signature polo collar. With the development of technology, the brand has blended modern craftsmanship into details that come with a soft touch in collar and cuffs. Each shirt is made in North Carolina, and the quality of its products is always the best in the market.

To me, simplicity speaks louder than anything, no matter it's friendship, design or relationship, the more simple it is, the longer it lasts. For Brooks Brothers, it always serves as my everyday basics which can never be replaced.

恤衫可說是男生人生歷程中的一個重要伙伴,在不同時期、不同場合也擔當不同的位置。學生哥穿著恤衫溫功課,學習打呔屢敗屢試,是成長的一個里程碑。正式踏入社會前的每一個面試,都有恤衫陪伴我們,故作精神,強裝淡定。傳統上班族堅持每天扣好衣鈕,堅持回到工作崗位為生活拼搏。工作越勞碌,就越少與家人相聚,難得的family day很多時候都選擇穿起恤衫,給他們留下一個好印象。

男生與恤衫的感情,可說是細水長流,就像美國歷史最悠久的零售品牌Brooks Brothers與其經典Polo扣領牛津紡恤衫的120年感情。跟隨時代的步伐,復刻版的恤衫設計,除了精緻細節跟原裝一脈相承,並調整了翻領、排鈕及袖口的柔軟度,穿起來格外舒適。每件恤衫均由美國北卡羅來納州Garland的Brooks Brothers恤衫廠出品,這份堅持無可替代。

這些年來,發現簡單才最恆久。簡單純潔的友誼才會留到最後;簡單知足就是最快樂;還有那件簡單不花巧的恤衫,配襯正裝時讓我官仔骨骨,閒時花點心機配襯不失smart casual。所以恤衫在男生的人生/衣櫃,總佔有一席最佳位置。