Crazy about Hermes Crazy Carre

"My look is a cocktail. I'm not as nicely turned out as the French, but I don't care like the English."  - Jane Birkin

 Cocktail and outfit are also highly influenced by mix and match. A standout element may change the result and becomes the soul of the cocktail/outlooking. The fundamental element of it is the gentleman style, while adding different Hermes Carre adds a touch of interest to the outfit. 

Hermes Carre is the signature kerchief that has long been the crowd's favourite. This season, the collection is highly rooted in the notion of nature and utilises a lot of tiger and floral pattern that makes every single Carre a special one. Such loud design goes well with your outfit and can even add a touch of interest to your suits. Other standout pieces including floral suit jacket, knitted top pieces and lemon coins bag are also my favourite items this season.

Hermes will be holding its first Crazy Carre Party in Hong Kong in March. It's kinda difficult for me to choose a best party outfit. Let's have a cocktail first and come up with some crazy ideas! 

*Featuring Anjaylia Chan wearing Hermes Carre, photo by Charles

Cocktail和造型,都是mix and match的藝術。有時一個意想不到的元素,就是整個cocktail/look的靈魂。Cocktail base是gentleman style,加入不同的Hermes Carre,mix出elegant中帶點craziness及effortless chic的aftertaste。

Hermes Carre即是品牌的絲巾,一直備受追棒。來到SS16,以nature作主題,採用大量老虎、花草樹林等精美印花,每條Carre也像幅畫。以花俏繽紛的絲巾配襯簡約的男裝配件,能輕易將視線聚焦,甚至以絲巾取代領呔,為西裝look加多點玩味。今季的花花西裝褸、紅色針織高領top及檸檬coins bag也是我的心水推介。

Crazy Carre有如此多可能性,要為3月份Hermes首次於香港舉辦的Crazy Carre Party選一個best party look也真的有點頭痛,還是先來一杯cocktail,觸發更多crazy idea。