C1 Reviews: SIHH 2016

“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.” – Yoko Ono

Time is a concept that human created, and we have created watches as art piece to tell us how fast time passes. When I started to grow up, I got to realise how beautiful and amazing a watch is. And I also started to get interested in attending watch fairs. This time, I was glad to check out one of the biggest events in watch industry - SIHH(Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie). Here are some of the highlights of the event that I would love to share with all of you! 

#BeAPilot - 2016 is the year of IWC Schaffhausen Pilot. The pilot watch has long been the talk of the town and the most eye catching piece must be the Big Pilot's Heritage Watch 55. It features a 55mm watch face that helps to provide information to pilots. Both 48mm and 55mm work perfect with outerwear.
Nonetheless, the special edition of Big Pilot’s Watch - The little prince features a gold back face with the signature little prince on it.

#ComeFlyWithUs - it was a my pleasure to attend the event with the CEO George Kerns. We did a flashback to 30s with Rosamund Pike, Chris Evans, Karolina Kurkovai and Zhou Xun and enjoyed a lovely IWC night. How do you feel about my Dunhill Tuxedo outfit?

 #ReverseTheRevelations - Jaeger LeCoultre celebrates the 85th Anniversary of Reverso collection. This year, it brought a few standout pieces from the Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribut and Reverso One collection. Personally, I would go for Reverso Tribute Duo Face that feature duo watch faces, which adds a touch of interest to my outfit.

#WatchMakingMaster - it was my first time to check out the HQ of IWC Schaffausen. This tour showcased the story behind the brand as well as the process of watch making. IWC also took us to the world famous Rhine Falls and gave us a chance to participate in the watch making class. After getting my certificate, i finally become a watch making master!


“Some people are old at 18 and some are young at 90. Time is a concept that humans created.” – Yoko Ono

我們創造了時間,也創造了時計。18歲沒戴錶不過有時間,但隨時間年月累積,方領略出欣賞時間與時計的藝術。於是我逐步遠離“18歲或以下”那方格,步近了提起鐘錶會喋喋不休的心智,今次更有幸步進日內瓦國際高級鐘錶展SIHH(Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie)的現場,飽覽各品牌最新名錶,向各界鐘錶專家學藝,並與大家分享我的#C1SIHH見聞。

#BeAPilot – 今年是IWC Schaffhausen Pilot之年,Pilot’s Watches系列散發著比Cool魔更cool的英偉氣勢。當中最cool最矚目的,必數IWC史上最大尺寸的腕錶 – Big Pilot’s Heritage Watch 55。55mm的錶面相當震撼,設計為方便飛行員駕駛時更清晰快速讀取時間。試戴質感十足,繫於外套外別具型格。同款48mm同樣耐看。
另一推介,Big Pilot’s Watch「小王了」特別版底蓋的純金擺陀刻有小王子畫像,能溶化配戴者的心。

#ComeFlyWithUs – 有幸參與IWC的世界級年度晚會,CEO George Kerns先生帶大家回到30年代,與Rosamund Pike, Chris Evans, Karolina Kurkovai及周迅等國際巨星一同沉醉於既優雅又浪漫的懷舊飛行國度。是夜穿上Dunhill的tuxedo又有沒有一點傳統紳士的味道?

#ReverseTheRevelations – Jaeger-LeCoultre創造了Reverso翻轉系列腕錶第85個年頭,帶來“巴黎鐵塔翻轉再翻轉”般傳奇的紀念性Reverso Classic, Reverso Tribute及Reverso One系列。個人最喜愛Reverso Tribute Duo Face,雙面個性同樣突出,藍色錶面時尚又貴氣。

#WatchMakingMaster – 到訪IWC位於Schaffausen的headquarter深入地了解品牌的故事甚至製作過程,眼界大開。品牌帶大家遊覽歐洲流量最大瀑布Rhine Falls的無敵景色過後,更讓我們參與Watch making Master Class,領取證書後,我也可算是半個Watch making Master吧!