Golden Horse 53 with PIAGET

Being a movie lover I like watching a lot of movies. Unlike a lot of people who enjoy watching movies at home, I still love going to the movie theatre. I would say roughly I go at least once a week.  I always feel good when I learn or take away something good away from movies. Movies are made to inspire and one can always relate thing and imagine ourselves in the situation and think how things could be done in the same way or to make it better. I truly admire, appreciate and respect each and every filmmakers.

It’s like a dream come true to have my first ‘red carpet’ experience at the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei. A special thanks to Piaget for giving me the opportunity to witness every nominee being recognized for their outstanding hard work during this important evening.

My red carpet experience was amazing from the moment I arrived. Thanks to Dior Homme for the perfect outfit, A testoni for the amazing shoes and of course the perfect watch and jewelries from Piaget to take the total look to the next level.