Game Changer - PIAGET Polo S

"Be a game changer. The world has enough followers."

Everyone has a choice of what and who they become. Some people think their true happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future but some like to constantly take risk and challenge themselves until the good becomes better.  It’s purely our choice. There are, however, a good rule of thumb if you want a different result:  don’t hate the player, play a different game.

If you think a luxury watch brand only design watches for a certain group of people, think again. Discover the first collection of only steel watch from Piaget, the Piaget Polo S which displays a casual elegance that is ideal for work, weekend, travel, and beyond.  

The suggested retail price and who Piaget had chosen to be the international brand ambassador can pretty much tell immediately that this traditional swiss brand is aiming to gain market share from younger generation.

And for those who missed all the fun at the launch party and meeting the eight famous people who represent the real-life “game changers”  (Ryan Reynolds, actor and producer; Malcolm Borwick, polo player; Joel Dicker, novelist; David Goffin, tennis player; Jean- Francois Piege, chef; Michael B. Jordan, actor, etc.), you can still be part of it by playing the Piaget’s 360 virtual reality online which most guests were invited to experience that evening . This is a game which you can play Polo with the eyes of a professional player to take a ride on a horse, following the line of the ball, improve your swing and hook the mallet of other players. Play as many times as you wish by clicking the 'different game' button. 

Piaget Polo S surely is a worthy investment timepieces you should be investing on for the quality and price. Personally I like both the striking blue and silvered models which I am wearing – what about you?


如果人生不過是遊戲一場,你在遊戲中擔演著一個什麼角色?乖乖的遵從遊戲規則,做個務實的game player;還是勇於嘗新,做個不一樣的game changer?佰爵今年推出的Piaget Polo S就是又一game changer的最佳示範作,將經典Piaget Polo的靈魂,重新注入品牌首次推出的不銹鋼錶殼中,合成一枚日夜臻美、實務與閒情兼顧的腕錶,價錢更是有驚喜。

品牌找來新世代的game changers代表佰爵演繹Piaget Polo S全新腕錶,當中包括影星Ryan Reynolds、胡哥、網球選手David Goffin等。一款可塑性如此高的腕錶,無論配搭晚禮服或休閒造型皆宜,每人均能戴出自我個性。我分別配戴了Piaget Polo S銀色錶盤的計時腕錶及藍色錶盤的自動腕錶,以上班下班造型挑戰遊戲場上的不同角色,體會新世代game changer的專業典範。