"130th Anniversary of The Tiffany Setting" Exhibition

What comes to your mind first when you see  'Robbin eye blue color' and Audrey Hepburn? It's a no brainer that everyone's answer will be Tiffany & Co.  In fact, Tiffany & Co. seems to be the only brand that you don't need to see any logo but you can still know where its from - a very successful marketed brand. (Leave me a comment if you know other brands which you can tell straight away when you see certain color)

Today we all come to celebrate the 130th anniversary of this famous brand. 

At the Atrium in Landmark Hong Kong until Oct 16, Tiffany has setup a pop-up exhibition showcasing a 8.88 carats diamond ring that all women and camera were dying to meet.  Trust me, the probability is 100% if you use this as your proposal ring. Ladies/Gentlemen, Boys/Girls - come and take a look at it yourself and you will certainly agree with me.

I, unlike others, was felt in love with my friend Jeremy's Tiffany blue biker jacket, it was such a nice jacket that match the theme color and occasion.  Oh damn! I forgot to ask where got it!

Another fun activity is to arrange yourself a love letter from Tiffany & Co. which was calligraphed, it's such a lovely and meaningful gift for all the guests!

130th Anniversary of the Tiffany® Setting Exhibition. The Landmark Atrium , Central. Until October 16