Last minute travel need-to-know

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! After all these greetings, it is time to get back to work! To kick-off 2016, a lot of planning are necessary include planning holidays for the upcoming year, enjoying early-bird offer that definitely become the best motivation for work.

Last December, without any planning, I have got an idea of travelling. It took me 2 days to get flight tickets and hotel, and started my short trip in 2015.

Unexpected weather
It was kind of interesting since I always think that winter doesn’t exist in Vietnam. I went there with a hope of enjoying the beach and sunbath, while the weather was unexpectedly cool and rainy.
That is why I suggest all of you not to visit a place without any research, at least a brief weather forecast.

I was highly impressed and in loved with Vedana Lagoon, especially the bungalows that sit nicely in the middle of the resort. The hotel didn’t get me disappointed with their alluring design, decent food and excellent room service that allows me to finish my blog with the stunning view.  Although the resort is a bit far from the international airport,  it is a perfect place for a few days of getaway.
Last minutes deal is available on several online travel agencies, and the price varies. I truly recommend you to pick those specifically targets Vietnam hotels, which offers at least 30% cheaper than average! 

聖誕快樂…新年快樂…過後是上班快樂…一輪狂歡狂食狂hea過後,重新回到工作崗位,當然要埋首努力,展開年度計劃:2016攞假攻略!善用假期去旅行,early bird優惠早book早享受 ,絕對是工作的原動力。

大假大家心裡有數,然而有計劃也有即興, 像我剛剛12月突如其來的小空檔,2天內選定地點換機票book酒店,最後得出即興遊的小心得:


所以即興出發的話,其實天氣可以預期,選擇目的地先留意天氣預測,哪裡好天去哪裡,尤其不熟悉的地方,沒有理所當然的 。


於訂房網站留意到Vedana Lagoon,深被水中央的bungalow吸引,結果也沒有讓我失望,酒店簇新,食物一流,room service也一絲不苟,好讓我於露台寫blog也能享受美食。缺點是離峴港機場很遠,但若想要幾天getaway與世隔絕,是個不錯選擇。
幾個訂房網站也有last minute deal,但價格差異甚大,最後發現越南專屬酒店網最優惠,比其他節省多達30%,足證比較的重要性。