Nature Reunion - Hermes SS16 Objects

I have been sorting through my photos and realised that I have distanced from the nature for quite a long time. 

SS16 Hermes allows us to catch up a little bit with the nature as the inspiration and theme is highly rooted in the nature. The collection is well presented with the graphics, design as well as stunning craftsmanship. Highlight of the line includes fruit-inspired bags that constructed out of premium and colourful material; scarf that utilises animal prints; sneakers that played with wood-like elements as well as floral suits and tie. 

Imagine yourself enjoying the amazing nature with all these pieces from the SS16 collection. It will be something inevitable and irreplaceable.


SS16 Hermes讓我們來一次reunion,整個系列以nature作主題,由圖像、設計上,以至工藝、用料也充滿清新自然色彩。水果造型包包,是看得見的甜美怡人;Scarf用上大量動物print,其中老虎圖案優雅而具氣勢;Sneaker加入真木元素,洋溢contemporary味道;男裝同樣繽紛而不招展,動植物pattern的呔及花卉print西裝,生氣十足而且可穿性高。