Walking down the memory lane of Montblanc


Every writer has a great story behind. My story is about a pen that made me start to create and write, a pen that links between myself and the childhood of my dad. 

My dad is not a talkative person, he rather chooses to speak with his actions. Although I did not get to understand his work much, I always knew that he has a kind of fixate or attitudes to his quality of life, which also allowed me to get in touch with fashion. Back to when I was a kid, I used to go getting Montblanc pen with my dad. Although I didnt really understand the value of it, I could tell it is very important to him from his eyes. 

After getting in touch with fashion, creative industry, I got into a fashion school and started to delivery messages with brush. A few years later, I started to utilize fountain pen to write, and finally got to know why my dad was so obsessed with it. 

The latest Sfumato collection of Montblance once again recalls my childhood as it features a very fundamental but strong drawing technique - Sfumato, which creates fine shading that produces soft, imperceptible transitions between colours and tones. Designed by leather expert from Florence, it utilized 4 layers of ink and creates extra texture and touch of interest to the piece. Every detail lining was hand-finished and features premium quality that is extraordinary durable. 

Today I am taking this Montblance briefcase with me to the design school, and let my childhood story begins.