H for Heritance, Hermes


This is my second Le Flanêur journey with hermes. Having Hermes as my partner made my journey perfect, check out below to know more about my partner.

Sports shoe in calfskin - constructed out of premium leather, it provides a soft and comfortable touch to the wearer while the signature H logo gives a subtle and sophisticated design to the shoes.

Bag in hunter cowhide and Cristobel bull calf - men's dream bag. Featured in all black design, the handbag comes with two detachable layers. The outer layer is constructed in durable and premium leather that truly shows the alluring silhouette. The inner layer is a soft and functional bag that gives me easy access to my personal belongings. This  wonderful design allows me to switch bags easily and brings functionality to the next level.

Scarf 90 in silk twill and Belt in black box calfskin, smooth Porosus crocodile and palladium metal - an additional accessory that goes well with black and white outfit. Continuing to focus scarf print, no one could deny this standout piece. It also comes with a specially designed closure that gives you more than one way to wear it.

Shoes in calfskin - they seem like ordinary shoes, however, the high quality leather and cutting impressed me a lot.

Home Set - high quality leather goods that provide good vibes to my working environment. Every single piece reflects craftsmanship and modern design of the brand. Additionally, the smell of Le Parfum De La Maison and candles combine perfectly that I cannot put it in words.

Personally, every journey means something to me. I started to understand what and how to admire at fashion items. It's not only about getting the latest collection every season, but it is about learning the story and craftsmanship behind every piece of work.

我和Hermes的第二個Le Flâneur Journey立即展開,今次有愛馬仕這個旅伴,旅程相當完滿,因為它“好好皮氣”!

Sports shoe in calfskin - 全皮打造的sneakers,意想不到的軟熟,H字結構分隔色調突出而和諧。

Bag in hunter cowhide and Cristobel bull calf - 男士dream bag,全黑冷酷型格,個性外剛內柔:外袋堅挺,線條利落;內袋軟熟,帶點sport chic味道。Weekday,weekend交替造型,一個袋滿足兩個願望。

Scarf 90 in silk twill and Belt in black box calfskin, smooth Porosus crocodile and palladium metal - 黑白造型的完美點綴。Scarf print詩意奪目,皮扣簡約精緻,最好玩是穿戴方法有無限可能。

Shoes in calfskin - 看似平凡,一穿起便發覺皮革品質及修長線條完勝。

Home Set - 工作可能會觸發你的壞脾氣,所以工作桌要“好皮氣”。皮製品的craftmanship完美仔細,散發獨特皮香與蠟燭香氣優雅融合。全新香水Le Parfum De La Maison從忙碌工作中,喚醒旅途的美好記憶。