Snap with love - J’ai Perdu Ma Veste

“Canon 5D, Mark III, 85mm, 1.2.”, an essential to renowned streetsnap photographer Nabile. It does not matter if it is the best camera in the world, but “how we see stuff” influences us the most.

Personally, I really like streetsnaps. Catching up with Nabile for an interview gave me an unforgettable trip in Paris. Streetsnap requires skills and experience as we have to catch the significant moment in seconds.  Nabile does not have a set of rules on streetsnaps and always goes with the flow. To him, success requires passion and hard work, and there is no short cut. Before making a name in the industry, Nabile highly focused on his work and truly believes that his passion and effort on fashion & photography would bring him opportunities to a brighter future. Instagram also became the perfect channel and allows him to share his work with people around the globe. Making connection with distinct people, working opportunities were created and gave a different insight to Nabile. He always reminds himself that dedication, passion and hard work would give him more opportunities.

Nabile also told me about his upcoming projects on September. He is going to work with a huge brand that owns over 700 shops around the globe, and introduce a collaboration collection. Although he did not reveal the details of the project, I was totally excited and hyped.

The short catchup showed me the kindness and dedication of Nabile. Taking pictures of beautiful objects during the talk also made me feel the massive passion of Nabile. He does not make “work” like work as he is doing what he loves and he never wants to stop doing it.

instagram: jaiperdumaveste

“Canon 5D, Mark III, 85mm, 1.2.”這就是國際知名的行拍達人Nabile最常用的“架生”,正如他說這不是最快最頂級的硬件,但最緊要是“How you see stuff.”

一向愛睇街拍,在巴黎期間有幸與Nabile會面及訪問,絕對是此行另一大收獲。“登高峯一秒 得獎一秒 再破紀錄的一秒…”- 《沙龍》。街拍的難處就在於一秒間,從茫茫人海中捕捉最細緻動人的details。而他從沒有一套法則,只會go with the flow。問到成功之道,也不離同一條方程式:熱誠 + 努力。強調“Work, work, work!”,Nabile在走紅前2年一直只專注做好自己的作品,全情投入自己熱愛的時裝和攝影,深信有好作品,機會之門自然會打開。而當然,時勢造英雄,instagram是他最好的agent。“透過social media,我的作品可以觸及世界每個角落,透過街拍構成人與人之間的connection,甚至帶來工作機會。”時機、際遇我控制不了,但堅持努力、熱誠,機會總會來。最新動向是9月和全球有超過700家分店的品牌合作推出collection,詳細內容他說先賣個關子,但已教我非常期待。


instagram: jaiperdumaveste