Feel the love of Paris in a Parisian way

Nothing is more important than shopping in Paris. It is also essential to experience the romantic side of Paris. A lot of travel guide books only introduce a several famous spots that everyone already knew. For lazy people like me, there is a perfect platform that allows you to travel Paris with a customised “road-book”. This wonderful online platform is called “Rue Amandine” and they have the best service among all hospitality platforms.

First, you have to choose your ideal apartment and fill in a questionnaire. Instantly, Amandine, the director of the platform would give a list of recommendation according to your preference such as restaurants with good vibes, local store and spots that fashionistas do not miss out. All of the provided information from Rue Amandine made me feel extraordinary excited. The apartment was such a lovely one that combined with comfort and Paris culture. Amandine also sat down with us and helped to introduce the decoration and details of the apartment, and make sure everything was perfect. She also showed her love and support to us by planning out the schedule for my busy Paris trip. One thing that surprised us is that she helped us to get Jean Paul Gautier exhibition in advance and we were very impressed by the superb service.

The Paris Fashion Weekend Trip of mine was such a good one with the help of Rue Amandine. I could find a good spot between shows and got to catch up with friends in good restaurants. Visiting Paris in June allows me to see the beauty of Paris, although it was a bit hot since there was no air conditioner in most of the apartment here. This is my second trip to Paris, and I have fallen in love with Paris. For people who would like to visit Paris, I truly recommend you all to check out Rue Amandine website for more info. 

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大媽遊巴黎,狂風掃落葉鳩嗚最緊要;品味遊巴黎,像個Parisien感受真正的浪漫花都。本本旅遊書都是介紹那幾個旅遊點,懶做research的率性派如今有福了,因為我們有Rue Amandine。這是個租住Paris apartment的平台,主理人Amandine更會為住客度身訂造”road book”,設計最個人化的遊歷體驗。

首先於網頁挑選心儀apartment,再填好問卷,Amandine就會根據住客的偏好作出推介,如我想體驗地道時尚生活,她就為我推介一些巴黎潮人聚腳的蒲點,photogenic的餐廳、小店,還有當期舉辦的exhibition。大量旅遊書以外的insider news,讓我未出發先興奮。到埗後更興奮,apartment別緻、舒適,滿載巴黎氣息。Amandine親切的介紹屋內細節,講解roadbook不同內容,更與我們一起計劃日程。細心的她預早為我們訂購Jean Paul Gautier exhibition的門券,打開時尚之旅。

整個Paris Fashion Week之旅因為Rue Amandine變得更完滿,show之間的閒暇打開roadbook找個好hea的地方,日長夜短6月的Paris份外美麗,只是這裡大部份的apartment都沒有冷氣的,下午會有點熱,嘆慣冷氣的香港人(包括我)可能不習慣,但晚上清早感受自然風也是不錯的。第二次遊巴黎,感覺完全不一樣,推介夏天到訪,天氣好心情靚;更加推介Rue Amandine,細心編排不一樣的Parisien體驗,讓我終於fall in love with Paris。

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