love or hate me, i stay hate free

The question: Love or Hate? I go for another option, Hate Free. 

Love L.R.E. #hatefree15 Collection 

This collection is highly rooted in the notion of individualism and features a range of products including tees and shirts.

This time, the collection mainly focuses on comfort and functionality. All the pieces are done with relaxed construction which ensures a loose and comfortable fit. It also gives a strong visual enjoyment to wearer and audiences. 

In terms of material, the brand has put effort on the work of mixing and matching fabrics by using premium cotton for tees. 

Nonetheless, simple and eye catching slogans can be spotted on the collar, two sides of the hem and the back that provide a strong and loud statement. 


Love L.R.E. #hatefree15 Collection will be available from 1st August. 

Customers with #hatefree15 purchase in GUMGUMGUM can enjoy free redemption of a special made Tofu Ice Cream. Do not miss out!



Love L.R.E.全新 #hatefree15 系列



自作主張:slogan印在裇衫領、衫身兩旁、背部,誓要make a statement。



1-16/8期間限定於GUMGUMGUM購買 #hatefree15 系列即送特別版豆腐雪糕!約好明天去又食又拎!