Le Flâneur

99.99% friends of mine are super into Hermes Bag. They can travel all the way to Europe in order to just get a chance to acquire one. Birkin and Kelly bags are always the most wanted items on their wish list among all hand bags; their feedback is they always find it difficult to acquire one as it gets sold out instantly. Hermes had proved that, 'money can't always buy you love'!

Hermes enhances the quality and attention to detail. Recently, I received a beautifully designed invitation card from the brand to preview the Autumn Winter Collection 2015. The presentation is titled as “Le Flâneur”, which means urban explorer in English. The presentation was held with distinct settings to showcase the pieces from the collection. Fine jewelries were presented with a cave setting which created a glow-in-the-dark illusion. Signature item such as scarf features design with pop art and cartoon elements. Apparel and leather products from the collection continue to focus on detail and premium material that highly impress the crowd. For shoes, thank to the wonderful design from Pierre Hardy, female collection is extraordinary stylish while the male collection features low profile designs which already acquired into my wish list. Besides the above items, another spotlight items are home accessories such as crystal light ceiling lamp and the alluring table with style of Garden of Eden.  

I would like to thank Hermes for the invitation that allows me to take a break from the hot summer rainy days. I look forward to another Le Flâneur Journey!

本故事純屬真人真事,如有雷同,實屬真實:有位不知道愛不愛看少女漫畫的朋友,真的愛哈囉吉蒂,也醉心下廚,是Sammi的忠實粉絲,但教她念念不忘的,是Kelly。為了Kelly她到訪過歐洲,也叫朋友打探過,縱使仍未抱住,但我相信她和Kelly會團聚於冰島某地方。說的是Hermes的Kelly Bag,一袋難求,購買方法也眾說紛紜如羅生門一樣,越不容易才會越珍惜,所以Kelly Bag一直高據女士包包目標的高位。

對於工藝及品質的追求,這個殿堂級品牌從沒有停止過,細心如一張invitation card,也附上兩片秋葉,帶領我們踏上AW15之旅。Presentation以”Le Flâneur”為題,是urban explorer的意思,以不同場景探索秋冬系列的精萃。帶有古希臘建築色彩的fine jewelery於山洞內發光發亮;耍家的scarf大玩pop art及卡通元素於風中飄揚;服裝是一貫的subtle細緻,柔軟及結構性線條散發時尚氣息;皮革製品利落大方,品質及details完勝;鞋屐方面Pierre Hardy施展拿手好戲,結構性十足的女裝鞋可觀同樣可穿,男裝鞋低調不失設計感,已立即納入我的wish list;家品盡show人手打造的極緻工藝,水晶燈飾件件如藝術品秀麗;最後以伊甸園式餐桌作結,一時間我從炎夏走進了winter wonderland,穿起Hermes AW15的大褸,感受那質料的輕軟及暖和。

謝謝Hermes的邀請,讓我暫時逃離悶人的夏雨天,這動人時光,不用常回看,卻會留芳。期待我和Hermes的下一個Le Flâneur Journey!

*Outfit from Tommy Chong @Raffles College Hong Kong