bangkok's sweet treat

Recently, I went to Bangkok for holiday and I tried a lot of great local food and amazing dessert. Check out the list below:

Coconut ice cream in Chatuchak Weekend Market – I have been craving for it for a while! Freezing cold ice cream with refreshing Coconut flavor! I added toppings like peanuts and rice which give an extra texture to the dessert!

Audrey Café – Fusion of Western and Thai food. I found it a bit salty but the crabmeat soufflé was super tasty and filling, which I highly recommend it for sharing. Signature dish Chai Tea Cake was a must-order dessert. It was very creamy and came with a strong tea flavor.

Karmakamet Diner – A restaurant with good vibe, and the food was unexpectedly good. Foie gras spaghetti is one of their best dishes. Thick and Juicy Foie gras served with spaghetti gave me an unforgettable experience. Another signature dish, Strawberry Rainbow Cloud came with an eye catching appearance that you cannot stop taking picture of it. However, in terms of taste, I found other desserts better.

Okura Prestige Bangkok Hotel – Breakfast in Western and Japanese style. Both of them tasted extraordinary good with the wonderful view of Bangkok. Great start of a day! 


翟道翟椰子雪糕 - 去翟道翟都是為了它,清甜冰涼的雪糕,配糯米飯及花生toppings滋味滿瀉。

Audrey Cafe - 泰西fusion菜,咸食味道偏重口味,蟹肉梳乎里超多蟹肉,好味但好易膩,適合share;招牌流漿泰式拉茶千層蛋糕,茶香濃郁,忌廉豐盈,必食之選。

Karmakamet Diner - 以為是食環境的餐廳,食物出奇美味,鵝肝意粉連汁醬都鵝肝味濃,齒頰留香;皇牌Strawberry Rainbow Cloud,超大棉花糖極上鏡,味道則其他甜品較優。

Okura Prestige Bangkok Hotel - Room service早餐西式日式同樣豐富,一睜開眼望住迷人景色嘆早餐,good start of a day!