less is more morato

Recently, I got to know more about Italian brand - Antony Morato from @bauhaus_hk. It's collections always come with Italian culture and silhouett, especially the Black Line and Silver Line that feature simple and clean gentleman style clothing and sportswear items.

Although the collection is featured with simply Black, white and blue colorway, the attention to detail makes it an alluring and classic collection of all time. 

Nonetheless, highlight product such as poker dots shirt, polo shirt and functional tracksuit are some of the menswear essentials. I would rather pick a few functional and stylish items than getting numerous "one-time" items that fill my closet up. What do you think? 

最近透過 @bauhaus_hk 認識Antony Morato這個意大利品牌,幾個系列都有意無意刻意地不經意滲出意式風情,個人尤其喜愛Black Line及Silver Line的簡約gentleman style及運動風。系列黑、白、藍為主調,男士們可能會話:“又係你啊,陳生?”,但你當我是浮誇吧的責任還是交給00後吧,著重details的basic items才是突顯品味的好配件。

所以靚料波點裇衫、靚cut polo shirt、功能性的track suit這些男士key item,不失時尚而且重穿性強,統統歡迎入隊。簡約款一件襯幾次,浮誇款著一次然後堵塞衣櫃,長年塞爆衣櫃的你應該明白什麼是less is more!