Be An Icon

Special thanks to #NokiaHK for nominating me as one of the #BeAnlcon business icon, and let me take a first look and try on the #Lumia930LTE. Personally, I am not a huge fan of gadget, and I am a bit outmoded as I just realized there is a difference between Windows Phone, Android and iOS. However, Nokia is a brand that I will never forget. The first Nokia mobile of mine refers to Nokia 8210, and it was such a huge matter to me. In order to protect it, I still remember that I have used a food wrap as a phone protector. Snake was such a hot game, I even paid more attention on that than Candy Crush. It is because entertainment and electronic game were very simple compare to the present. Collecting CDs and magazines became one of my hobbies as well. However, nowadays, every single move gets involved in the digital world. Our entertainment, social networking and information come from our smart phones. Does that bring 100% positive change to our lives?

To me, the biggest change is the job opportunities that created from technology. I created my own brand and got to work with more people around the world. Checking numerous emails and enquires become my daily routine and Windows Phone provides me a comprehensive platform, and allows me to work without a computer. Although I am not into video games, the system runs extraordinary smooth and has better performance on playing video clips with more a durable battery. Named as Lumia Icon in the states, the phone comes with a very iconic and significant appearance that no one would deny.    

This post reminds me of the phones that I used to have, such as those with black and white screen, colorful monitors, folding mobile phones etc. Within 15 years, we replaced everything with smaller and faster devices. We need to make good use of these high tech products and create more opportunities for ourselves. 

多謝 #NokiaHK 挑選我為 #BeAnIcon 的一份子 - Business Icon,讓我可以率先體驗這部 #Lumia930LTE 。我不算是個gadget迷,都是最近才開始知道Windows Phone、Android及iOS的分別,但對Nokia這個品牌總有著情意結。印象中第一部手提電話應該是Nokia 8210,對於當年還是學生的我是“好大件事”,好像試過用保鮮袋包實來上學。玩貪食蛇會比Candy Crush更有耐性屢敗屢試,因為當年的娛樂還是很單一化,我還很喜歡儲CD、雜誌。今天則人人機不離手,所有資訊、娛樂、社交都在手機進行,是科技為我們帶來的方便及改變,我認為有得亦有失,而下一個重大改變又會是什麼?

而我個人的改變就是一年前創立了自己的品牌以及開始接觸更多不同層面的工作,每日都要應付有關工作的email及訊息,所以我好喜歡Windows Phone可以於介面上一次過看到各個apps的資訊。不愛打機的我一直沒有很在意流暢度,但用它瀏覽社交平台的確更順暢,睇片更smooth,而且電池好像更襟用。最重要的是,在美國又名Lumia Icon的它,外型的確很Iconic,好喜歡這簡潔設計以及sharp爆的橙色。

打這篇文章的時候,我回想起很多曾用過的手機:黑白機、彩芒機、摺機…到今天的智能手機, 這些只是十數年間的事。不向前,便落後,我們要好好利用科技帶來的方便,珍惜時代造就的機會,開創屬於我們的潮流!