c1 paris fashion week day 5

#c1pfw day 5

Rynshu SS16 Show - the collection features items that go with shocking pink colorway. Throughout the show, there are a few highlight items such as the long scarf that combined poker dots, electric pink fabric and hello kitty elements. Although the collection did not impress me much, it was a great one since i got to catch up with Miss J after the show. 

Paul Smith SS16 Show - it was my last show in Paris and it was the one and only show that I couldn't miss out. Paul Smith SS15 collection was one of my all time favourite. I have brought 3 pieces to Paris for my gear rotation. This season, the brand features some glam rock styling including pieces with colourful and metallic patterns. After the show, I was glad to be invited as a guest to the backstage. Sir Paul Smith explained the inspiration and concept of the collection to us and we were highly impressed. This show gave me an unforgettable experience and it marked the end of my Paris trip.

Rynshu SS16 Show - 走日系punk路線,shocking pink色調加飄逸長scarf、波點、Hello Kitty等元素,說實話不是我杯茶。亮點反而在於開show前與Miss J相遇,還與我研究哪張合照比較好看!

Paul Smith SS16 Show - 我今個trip的壓軸大show,亦是我最期待的一個。Paul Smith SS15的tropical風格我大為喜愛,今趟都帶備了3件單品配襯。SS16則走glam rock風格,色彩斑斕帶點metallic帶點搶眼pattern,是紳士與壞男孩的一個完美平衡。完show後更有幸入後台探訪,見證世界級的時裝秀實況,還有Sir Paul Smith親切的講解設計概念,如此珍貴的時刻絕對是今個旅程的highlight!