C1 Paris Fashion week day 3

#c1pfw Day 3

Melinda Gloss SS16 Show - it was one of the most stunning shows so far. The brand showcased its collection with dancing performance that reflected the passionate side of Paris.

Henrik Vibskov SS16 - the collection incorporates unique ways of revealing its highlight items through designs that come with strong visual enjoyment. Furthermore, the show also showcased numerous new hats from the collection that make for an eye catching summer collection. 

Berluti SS16 Show- A fun pre-show presentation kicked off Berluti's SS16 runway show. Topless models performing with newspapers and folding beach chairs. The collection features a wide range of products including tops, shoes and accessories that featured in eye catching colors. All the pieces in effusive colors represents the exquisite tailoring skills from the designer. The post-show session also provided guests good vibes and f&b to relax a bit. Great chats and relaxing vibes make for my favourite after party in Paris.

Melinda Gloss SS16 Show - 烈日下的free format show,除了曬到跳舞,model們還聞歌起舞,展示迷人的巴黎色彩。

Henrik Vibskov SS16 Show - Pattern交織強烈視覺效果,帽子戲法貫穿整個系列,保持品牌玩味特質。

Berluti SS16 Show - 簽名式亮麗tailoring配上驚喜用色,大玩color blocking惹人喜愛。紳士風的浪漫演繹,袋、鞋、scarf等單品件件craftsmanship滿分。Show前show後絕不欺場:show前model們底褲陣揭報紙,製造wow factor;show後嘉賓齊齊picnic,一籃籃美酒小吃源源奉上,邊吃邊喝邊討論時尚,感受Parisian的寫意,是我參與過最chill最正的after party!