The Artisanal Movement

Happy Valley, a name that recalls happy memories. Recently, I was invited to take a first look of the new serviced apartments in Kwai Fong Street, Happy Valley - Eight Kwai Fong. Walking into the apartment made me feel like time traveling since every single decoration was extraordinary contemporary and artisanal. The serviced apartments was highly inspired by “The Artisanal Movement” and features numerous bespoke designs and collectables around the globe in the Collection Room and Hobby Room. 

The iconic "Egg" - Giant Bowler Hat represents that our imagination, our dream can be expanded out of the shell, which I truly feel so. We are forced to grow up, and we lost our imagination and childhood as we are only keeping up with the society. We somehow forgot the importance of quality of life. That is also the reason why I need an ideal apartment. The Eight Kwai Fong meets all my needs. A room that connected to the balcony that allows me to clear up my mind with a lovely view. The Collection Room or Hobby Room also allows me to slow down a little bit and enjoy music with friends and family. Everyone is an artisan as long as they enjoy embarking on a journey of imagination, which is also the true meaning of The Artisanal Movement. 

My home office has been running for a while. I enjoy my working schedule while I dislike the distraction at home. Eight Kwai Fong provides me an ideal living environment that allowsme to take every single element in daily lives as inspiration. Although the apartment is not huge, shopaholic like me needs to think of a new way to keep all my clothes and shoes more efficiently.

跑馬地Happy Valley,一個單是名字就讓人覺得快樂的社區。最近有幸被邀請率先體驗這個happy neighbourhood的最新serviced apartments,位於桂芳街的Eight Kwai Fong。與心臟地帶只有兩步之隔,但一推門卻有如穿梭時空,從古典街角走進現代空間。以The Artisanal Movement為設計理念,著重原創工匠手藝及開拓無限想像旅程,於Collection Room、Hobby Room以至房間都充斥由世界各地搜羅的獨特收藏品。

住宅標誌性的花園巨蛋 Giant Bowler Hat,象徵我們的想像小宇宙都有機會破殼而出。我十分認同這個講法,生活逼使我們成長,慢慢失去童真以及想像力,麻木追趕卻忘記感受生活。每每當我變得麻木,我都需要將思緒沉澱、重整,所以我追求的理想居所,一定要有讓我思考的空間。而這裡正正乎合我的需要,房間連接小露台,視野更廣闊,讓頭腦清晰一下;在 Collection Room 或 Hobby Room,感受不一樣的生活節奏,看看書、聽聽音樂或與友伴談天說地,在濃厚藝術氛圍下,所思所談都變得 artistic。其實我們都可以是artisans,各有套匠心想像之旅,創意就來自我們如何欣賞生活,用夢想燃亮生活確切體會The Artisanal Movement的意義。

Home office工作已經有一段日子,享受彈性同時容易分心,我正正需要Eight Kwai Fong這樣的一個居住環境,能將生活中的一事一物化作靈感,分心時放眼四周貼心打造的每項細節,開拓更多可能性。誰然單位不算大,對於我這些購物狂可能要花點心思收納物品,但思考空間比實際空間更闊更大,要想辦法應該不難!