C1 Paris Fashion Week Day 1

It is gonna be a “cool” trip! It was 10 oc in the morning and I have gotten to my apartment after an hour of traffic. Special thanks to the accommodation sponsorship from Rue Amandine arranged by C for Communications. The apartment is a lovely one and I really appreciate their tailor-made trip service that allows visitors to experience the local culture of Paris.

 #c1pfw Day 1:

Comtoir de la Gastronomie – a place for Foie gras lovers. They served foie gras in unctuous and bright flavors that brings textural integrity to it. I would suggest going there during lunch hours which gives you all a higher chance of getting table.

Carven SS16 Presentation – features Ginkgo Flower in details and reflects the silhouettes of gentleman style pieces in colorful colorways. Green lovers cannot miss ou!

expoJPG – Masterpieces of Jean Paul Gaultier showcasing in Grand Palais was such a success. Alluring outfits also reminded Virgine of renowned Hong Kong artist Anita Mui. Nonetheless, projection of faces added interests to the show.

The late sunsets marked the end of the day. A dinner during “day time” made me feel extraordinarily relaxed. I look forward to the upcoming shows after adjusting my sleeping pattern!

到埗後立即知道這趟旅程會很cool,因為清晨時份只有10度!很cool地出發,塞車個多小時終於到達apartment。特別鳴謝C for Communications介紹今次的住宿sponsor Rue Amandine,他們會為旅客安排最個人化的地道Parisian體驗,apartment法式情懷滿瀉,稍後再作詳細介紹。

#c1pfw Day 1:

Comtoir de la Gastronomie - “花瓜”迷的天堂,厚切、芳香、無筋,邊食邊問“食唔返點算?”,lunch時段較易有位。

Carven SS16 Presentation - 主打Gingko Flower的details,延續法式紳士風加點田園氣息,幾個鮮豔用色個人最愛綠悠悠。

expoJPG - Jean Paul Gaultier於Grand Palais的展覽,一次過睇盡大師經典,同行Virgine說找到好多梅姐影子,公仔面部投射又驚又喜!