The Hospital In The Sky by Omega + Orbis

Taking a plane always makes me feel excited, especially traveling to a new place that I have never been to before. Besides taking people to travel, there are planes that take huge responsibilities and save lives.

I felt proud to be invited to the screening programme of the documentary "The Hospital In The Sky" sponsored by Omega and Orbis with the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch "Dark Side Of The Moon" on my wrist. The Moonwatch features an all black design with a classic Speedmaster ceramic dial. The all black dial also helps to avoid visual clunkiness. It is no doubt that Omega Speedmaster remained a mainstay for watch enthusiasts. 

Moreover, the documentary was stunning. In the documentary, super model Cindy Crawford and a team of doctors travels to Peru and offer free medication service. A lot of patients face significant changes after medication. The documentary not only delivered a positive message to the audience but also showed countless of touching scenes that no one would every forget. 

In Hong Kong, we are living under a capital-oriented era. I extraordinary admire the care and love from the brand as they do not focus on sales solely. Their action of helping the crowd develops a positive enterprise image and truly deserves our respect.

*Total outfit from TOPMAN.

對於搭飛機我又愛又恨,愛到新地方探索,但每次遇到氣流我還是會心都跳出嚟。同一天空下,有些飛機卻肩負起更重大的使命。說的是醫療專機”The Hospital In The Sky”,也是Omega與Orbis呈獻的紀錄片名稱。有幸被邀請出席放映會,並戴上Omega的Speedmaster Moonwatch “Dark Side Of The Moon”,全黑設計加上超精細造工,具時尚格調又易於配搭,難怪長期處於waiting list榜首。

而全晚highlight當然是”The Hospital In The Sky”的放映,由品牌大使超模Cindy Crawford帶觀眾隨醫生團隊到秘魯,了解他們的救人過程。片中幾個家庭都因為得到治療而改寫命運,施比受更有福,一班無國界醫生用生命影響生響,不問利益只求助人,感動現場每一位觀眾。