Do what you love, love what you do

Adrian Wong and I are greatful that we can do what we love. That is also why we would like to spread the love to others and develop #ohmylove project. Making use of Adrian’s design and lovelre’s graphic, the collection features a series of embroidery items. Great work from the production Teelocker, the premium material and quality give plenty of surprises to Adrian.

Adrian and I knew each other from a shared experience in a market. Back to the days when HKTV still hasn’t showcased Adrian’s performance, she has already shown her artistic side to us with her handmade accessories. Her cheerful and lovely spirits are reflected behind the cameras while all the audiences can only see her caring side in TV. Adrian does what she loves to do, and most importantly she does not hesitate. For instance, she shows passion and love in the hitchhike market even she gets exhausted from hand making accessories. She definitely shows me how to love what you do.


我和 @wongadrian 黃芷晴都幸運的可以do what we love,所以決定將這份愛放大,促成 #ohmylove 企劃,一起求突破: @omdeer 未嘗試過的服裝; @lovelrehk 未嘗試過的裇衫。Adrian的玩味怪少女畫稿,搭上lovelre的graphic味道,以精緻的刺繡方式呈現。 繼續交予 @teelocker 製作,品質高企,教Adrian見到她的BB時歡喜若狂。而我則充當攝影師,拍下這位新任媽媽與BB最美的一刻。

跟Adrian於market擺檔時認識,當時HKTV還未啟播,她演出的作品還未面世,但她的首飾小物作品已一早與大家分享。鏡頭後爽朗、親切,愛購物,偏愛帶點怪異、充滿相象力的少女味道;鏡頭前總不經意地流露韓式溫柔。面對鍾愛的事,她並沒有什麼包袱、顧慮,甚至於剛剛的hitchhike market即場製作手飾到手震,還是一臉滿足,讓我目擊一個love what you do的好例子。