The Perfect Length

Hot item Skinny jeans dominance the jeans market for several years, and I found it really hard to wear in summer days. In order to survive under the hot sun, it's the best to wear shorts. 

Luckily, loose-cut shorts and ankle-length pants are this year's highlight items. Short shorts can help to show a better scale of your legs, however, the shorts cannot be too short otherwise it would be too feminine. For long pants, I would pick those with harder material that can show more layers and silhouettes. Most importantly, you should pick the right pants/shorts according to your own height and length of your legs. Hope you all can have this as tips and gear up like a super model! 

Skinny jeans大行其道多年,試過炎夏堅持照著而有窒息感!所以為求保命,夏天最好多穿短褲讓雙腿透透氣。還好今年褲款興闊身,長褲要闊身或吊腳,短褲則要太短或太長,短到見大脾或者又闊又長像裙褲。太短可以視覺上拉長雙腿,但太過太短會太女性化及嚇親師奶;太長我會選擇挺身質料,感覺較硬朗,上身比例配襯亦要加倍小心。最重要是按照自己的腿長粗幼選擇最適合自己的褲長,營造出人著衫的九頭身超模效果!

*Total outfit from @topman_hk