CK takes HK

Tons of fans waiting for him at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. No matter how hot the weather was, how packed the place was, his fans did not hesitate to stay. It is him, Justin Bieber. Yesterday, I was glad to be invited to the Calvin Klein Jeans music event, and honorable guest Justin Bieber became the spot of the night. Other guests such as Kendall Jenner and Jay Park also made for a great and fun night. With wonderful music and champagne, everyone was super excited and could not stop singing "Baby" with Justin. Calvin Klein gave all of us an unforgettable experience that lots of us doubt if we should party till late and skip work the next day.

Special thanks to Calvin Klein for my outfit. I was so impressed with the sweater and shorts which feature simple and clean cutting with premium material. Natural and minimal are the definition of #mycalvins.

一踏進啟德遊輪碼頭就見到一班粉絲,不怕熱不怕等的守候著,真的教我好感動,我是指替Justine Bieber覺得感動。昨晚應邀出席Calvin Klein Jeans music event,品牌請來Bieber演出成為全城熱話,同場更有話題女皇Kendall Jenner以及另一表演嘉賓Jay Park。有靚人靚衫有music有香檳,難怪到場喜賓情緒keep住高漲,直到全場Beliebers合唱(嗌)”Baby baby baby oh!” ,CK讓HK的socialite都同聲嘆一句“聽日唔使翻工就好啦!”

特別鳴謝品牌為我準備的outfit,一貫簡約時尚,尤其喜歡外套與短褲的質料,薄、挺立又不焗身, 讓人穿得舒服好看的minimal美學相信就是 #mycalvins 的定義!

(Photo Courtesy of Calvin Klein )