Shanghai Tang AW2015 Collection

Hong Kong Fashion Week held by HKTDC showcased Shanghai Tang AW2015 Collection. All guests attended the show with black and elegance gears that provide a strong sense of Chinese culture. Compare to the Young Designers Contest, the Shanghai Tang shows an extraordinary elegant and hi-end collection.

Ready-to-wear pieces come with simple and clean design while the brand continues focusing on the classic silhouette of gowns with black sequins. Personally, I love the black maxi dress with sequins the most. It perfectly reflects the beauty of the model and eastern culture.

Hong Kong Fashion Week was a great success. On the other hand, Paris Fashion Week becomes the talk of the town. I wish there are more local designers supporting local fashion industry which allows us to bring great work to the stage, and showcase all the great work to the world.

HKTDC舉辦的Hong Kong Fashion Week壓軸登場有Shanghai Tang AW2015 Collection,到場嘉賓不約而同穿黑赴會,莊重、高貴、中國風都是大家對這品牌的既有印象。相比前兩天Young Designer Contest的濃列刺激,Shanghai Tang則是穩陣的典雅。

ready-to-wear穩打穩紮,雖則沒有wow factor,但簡潔利落設計也不失時尚;晚裝以黑色作主調,高貴閃片繼續贏得收視率,個人最喜歡全黑閃片貼身maxi dress,盡顯model骨架並帶有東方美。今次collection不再大玩中國風,從details中淡淡滲出東方味,更fusion更有驚喜。

Hong Kong Fashion Week已完滿結束,Paris Fashion Week則仍然如火如荼,如今亞洲勢力在時裝界越來越受重視,希望更多本土設計能踏上國際舞台,但首要的是香港人支持香港時裝。