My Menswear Fall 2015 Trend Report

Fall 2015 Menswear Fashion Week – my favorite brands go to Raf Simons, Juun J,  Walter Van, Beirendonck. What is your favorite pick?

Due to limitation in time and my slow internet access, there is no way to finish hundreds of fashion shows. For people with the same problem,

Please head to and check out the “The Menswear Fall 2015 Trend Report”, and you will get every information you need instantly.

To conclude, there are a few main focuses this season:

1.      J.W. Anderson Effect, mixing up menswear and womenswear creates better and cooler gears

2.      Polo-neck marks an influential role

3.      Triple layer lengths, the more layers the better

Highlighting brands such as Y-3, Kenzo, Lemaire and Juun J. All the brands above continue the attention to details and brings military green back to the stage. Check out all the military green items from above brands and put them into your 2015 to-buy-list.­fall­2015­runway­trends

上兩星期被Fall 2015 Menswear Fashion Week瘋狂洗版,個人最愛Raf Simons、Juun J、Walter Van Beirendonck,大家又有什麼心水?但show太多時間太少wifi又load得慢,幾百個show點睇得完,建議大家參考style.com剛出爐的"The Menswear Fall 2015 Trend Report",絕對是懶人恩物、潮男精讀。


性別混和,被稱為J.W.Anderson Effect,女裝男著有何不可;


Triple-Layer Lengths,內長外短,更分明的layer,好玩!

重點推介Shades of Green,男裝玩軍綠並非新聞,Y-3、Kenzo、Lemaire等都有全綠total look,Juun J極dramatic的全綠layering加上finale全軍褸列陣,靚得教我想立即從軍。打開衣櫃不乏軍綠大褸,欲仍未物色到靚線條的軍綠色褲及上衣,立即列入2015 TO BUY LIST!