Love Goes On and On

@lovelrehk is set to spread love to people through the slogans and elements on our products. Special limited color-way “Pink” is also another platform for us to provide warmth and caring to wearers. Today, we have invited @chiuchungyu to be the model of our lookbook, and we sat down for a short interview to let people know more about her deep down feelings and stories behind her career.

C: Char1es

Y: Yu

C: Do you have any thoughts about “Life Goes On”?

Y: I really love this phrase. Love is like oxygen, it is indispensable. We all need love and share love to others to cheer people up. With love, life goes on and on.

C: After taking a break, how do you feel like working with local designer Charles Lam and photographer Dicky Ma?

Y: I am very impressed by the team. They are energetic and always come up with different ideas. Of course, they are really efficient. The concept of the brand is clear and I am surprised by how fast I got along with the team in the studio. Most importantly, I am very satisfied with the product and outcomes.

C: What is your favorite hoodie from Life Goes On Collection?

Y: Honestly, I really like all of them. The whole collection is amazingly nice in terms of material and design. If I need to pick one or two, I would go for the one with pink heart and grey cross. My daughter is super into pink color and she will be very excited if she gets one of these. Also, the cross represents my religious background. It is simple but meaningful, and everyone gets the message when they see the cross.

C: What is your career plan for 2015?

Y: After taking a short break, I realized that the industry has changed, and I have different values. My goal gets clearer and more solid. This year, I would like to work with different new people and develop new things that I have never done before. This helps to create more passions and possibilities to myself. Most importantly, I wish every new move I make is putting love as first priority and spread more love to other people.

以愛為理念,我們 @lovelrehk 希望能透過服裝上的slogan及元素,感染身邊人,而粉紅色限量版更加是希望給大家暖心的感覺。今次找來 @chiuchungyu 擔演lookbook女主角,在拍攝及訪問其間完全流露了她充滿愛的真性情。

C: Char1es 

Y: Yu

C: 對於Love Goes On你有什麼看法?

Y: 很喜歡這句句子、意思,愛就如氧氣一樣,生命中不可缺少。我們需要愛也需要分享愛,有愛推動才能好好的Life Goes On。

C: 暫休過後,與新生代設計師(Charles Lam)及攝影師(Dicky Ma)合作有什麼感受?

Y: 非常impressive,這個團隊非常有活力,很有自己的想法,很有效率。簡單直接的概念,配上新人事新作風,想不到一踏入studio我們旋即產生默契,合作既舒服又有火花。好喜歡LoveLRE團隊,也好喜歡今次的完成品!

C: Love Goes On衛衣中最喜歡哪一件?

Y: 說真的整個系列都很喜歡!整個系列都很有愛的感覺,若一定要挑選,我還是糾纏於粉紅心心及灰色十字架之間,因為囡囡好喜歡粉紅色,我穿著她一定會很雀躍;十字架代表了我的信仰,而這款帶有訊息又不會過度硬銷,又耐看又有意思。

C: 2015年的工作大方向是什麼?

Y: 其實小休過後,這個圈已有很多轉變,而我自己也有轉變,更清晰了更強了,所以未來都會作出多方面嘗試,與更多不同團隊合作,希望激起更多火花,發掘我的可能性。而最重要,每個合作每個嘗試,都希望以愛為先,將Love Goes On的精神帶得更遠更廣。