Crossover Together

Hello 2015! Its time for a restart! What is your big plan in 2015? In 2014, crossover/collaboration is still the mainstream. Did you line up for H&M x alexander wang? How about Nike+R.T. Air Force 1 or Raf Simons for Adidas? The beauty of collaboration is the combination of the best from two brands and create something we never seen before. Collaboration project “Camper Together” is the collaboration between numerous designers and create something more classic. One of the most highlight collaboration refers to “Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm”. His great work on humorous graphic and cutting makes for an alluring collection. This season, he makes use of embroidery graphic and blended it into shoes which also marks a significant start for Camper.  “Himalayan”, one of his designs, features “Z-shape” shoe sole that matches with the Himalayas. With this functional design, wearers are provided with a higher height due to the sole.  

To preview the collaboration project in 2015, would rihanna and Puma come up with a sporty bad gal style of clothing? How would John Galliano make changes to MMM? Nonetheless, all of you should never miss out the upcoming H&M collaboration projects in 2015.

I have been brainstorming some wonder crossover/collaboration projects, of course, it would be perfect if brands can have a look of the list below when they pass by ccblog.

h&m x Raf Simons, Topman/Topshop x Hedi Slimane, COS x Kris Van Assche, Dr.Martens x Walter Van Beirendonck, Reebok x Juun.J

Hello 2015,所有人所有事來個restart,重新整理自己重新出發,你的2015大project是什麼?

而2014,crossover持續矚目,你有沒有排過搶過h&m x alexander wang、Nike+R.T. Air Force 1系列或Raf Simons for Adidas?Crossover的魔力往往就是在於兩者之間的不同,一凹一凸,創造最意想不到的美麗畫面。

Camper Together就是與多個設計師crossover,將‘休閒’、‘經典’變得bold更好玩。其中最矚目首推Camper Together with Bernhard Willhelm,一直欣賞Willhelm的幽默設計與玩味剪裁,對上一季的刺繡外套已虎視眈眈,今次他將大膽刺繡圖案加入鞋身,開創休閒鞋的新玩法。由他打造的經典鞋型‘Himalayan’,鞋底Z型鋸齒取材自喜馬拉雅山,穿上後果真高人一等,有大地在我腳下的自信感。

2015的多個crossover已搶先哄動,Rihanna與Puma會否帶來sporty bad gal style?John Galliano加入MMM勢必顛覆傳統;還有h&m將搶閘公佈新collaboration…今年大家應該要繼續排、繼續搶!


h&m x Raf Simons

Topman/Topshop x Hedi Slimane

COS x Kris Van Assche

Dr.Martens x Walter Van Beirendonck

Reebok x Juun.J