Are u #digital?

The world has changed. Most of us cannot get rid of our smart phones, and the first thing we do when we wake up is updating our social media platforms. 90% of the our daily information comes from the digital side of the world, is this a good phenomenon? As a blogger, I truly want to know more about this social phenomenon, and I have invited @virginelkm for an interview, to further investigate how this digital world affects us.

Virgine has been working in advertising industry for a long while and she is definitely an experienced contributor in the industry. She noticed that the trend of social media and digital marketing were going strong so she formed a company specializing in digital consultancy. Virgine is super into fashion and digital marketing. Of course, watching fashion shows in Paris is not her only job. She not only helps the brands to do digital quality check, she also evaluates and picks the best social media platforms for brands to do promotions. Generating reports, insights and ideas become her daily routine. Working with ZegnaChanelEstee Lauder before, Virgine also specializes in expanding the china market.  For her upcoming projects, Virgine is going to work with SBS from Korea and numerous Korean stars by promoting Korean fashion and music through wechat and weibo. To her, being open minded leads to success.

10 years ago, we noticed the power of MSN, ICQ and Friendster. Now, in 2010s, Instagram and facebook become the dominant, and have changed our lives adequately. Simply sharing a picture leads to tons of business opportunities. “Social media makes the world smaller” Virgine thinks that blogger plays an influential role in creating engagements and interactions between brands and viewers. @burberry is a good example. Burberry is one of the first brands that developed digital platforms. There is no doubt that burberry is now of the best leaders and brands in digital platforms.

"At the end, it is no hidden fact that the word­of­mouth is one of the most powerful and useful resources in marketing." ­

Word of mouth becomes an influential factor. The personal feeling/perception is more effective than traditional advertising. Virgine suggested that all bloggers should do critical thinking and be more active in commenting, which is one of the most important keys to be successful in China market.

“Digitalize” makes people lazy. We tend to read small pieces of information instead of a long paragraph. In this generation, everyone can be a marketer. We have to be smart and make good use of the digital platforms.

Likes, comments, shares. These words become the most common words in our lives. I truly hope that all bloggers could work hard on social media platforms and think like Virgine. All we bloggers can make a better world.

世界變了樣,我們何時開始變得機不離手?相信很多人跟我一樣,一睜開眼就開始進入social media世界,一日內90%資訊來自網上平台,就在不知不覺間,我們及我們的媽媽都we go digital。而作為blogger我更加想深入了解這個digital world,所以特意邀請到於digital界有資深經驗的 @virginelkm 來個訪問。

Virgine從事廣告行業多年,一早洞悉digital的潛力,決定自組公司專注發展digital consultant事業。digital、時裝、娛樂都走在最前線的她,現正身在paris睇show,然而工作當然不止睇show咁簡單,她的主要工作範疇有:替品牌作digital quality check;篩選合適平台;提供idea及網絡管理;分析及報告等。早已放眼中國的Virgine曾替Zegna、Chanel、Estee Lauder等發展內地平台,最新動向會與韓國SBS及大量韓星合作,透過微訊及微博宣傳時裝及音樂。她認為go digital最重要不是要追得貼新科技,最重要是夠open minded。

經歷ICQ、MSN、friendster等慢慢形成social media,Facebook開始成為生活一部分,instagram更加改變了生活模式。從單純的相片分享,ig慢慢成為我們生活的另一個平台,甚至引發商機。“social media將品牌與大眾的距離拉得更近。”Virgine認為blogger是一個夾層,引發品牌與大眾間的互動。最成功的例子有@burberry ,早著先機全力發展digital,當消費者慢慢跟上digital步伐,Burberry已穩佔領導地位。

"At the end, it is no hidden fact that the word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful and useful resources in marketing." -

Word-of-mouth也即口碑,blogger/iger對一件產品的個人感想比傳統廣告更有說服力。然而Virgine提醒我們要保持critical thinking,多發表評論,也就是內地blogger更成功之處。

“Digital是養懶人,但真正聰明的人不會懶。”Virgine指因為有digital,年輕一輩的專注力及耐性都下降,所有資訊都要“碎上”。(所以如你讀到這裡,你已超越一般人的耐性。)規模縮小,流量增加,造就了個人主義,創作或策劃都不再只是大公司專利。“Everyone could be a marketer!”,“聰明”就在於善用digital帶來的方便,共同開創新媒體的可能性。

每日like、comment、repost,我們默默地接受了digital帶來的改變。面對新生活,希望各位讀者讀完這篇blog會有多一點點概念(digital人另計)。也希望香港的blogger我們一起努力,跟Virgine一樣 #herevgo 想做就做,開創本地blogger新景象!