Street-snap is a hot trend that everyone understands. In fact, there are not many choices for street-snap in Hong Kong, for instance, Star Street, Tai Ping Shan Street and Bridges Street. These spots provide good vibes and environment for you to do snapshot. Do you ever feel boring doing street-snap in Hong Kong? Recently, I went to Tokyo for vacation. I found everything in Tokyo looked cooler than those in Hong Kong. The moon is bigger, the road is wider. Nakameguro, Daikanyamachō, Harajuku, Shibuya, every single spot made me feel like doing a snapshot. Here are some basic rules I learned from my trip:

Pedestrian traffic signal changes in second, you always have to do the snap quickly. The road gets packed after the traffic signal changes. All you have to do is to walk slowly and make yourself a space for snapshot. In order to be the focus of the picture, make sure your outfit or pose is outstanding. Do not feel embarrassed since people are not going to meet you anymore once you back to Hong Kong.

Although I am back to Hong Kong, I still miss the days in Japan. Check out the following websites for more street-snap tips and ideas!