From Instagram pier to my instagram life

Recently, I have done an interview sharing more about my career. Except running my own brand and modeling, people are also curious about my role as an instagrammer/blogger.

Is instagrammer qualified as a job? Not adequately, but Instagram becomes a very useful and user friendly social media platform, that allows people to present their work to the world. This also brings numerous working opportunities from different fields. Since I used to be a copywriter, I am set to become a blogger and further develop my career. To be honest, as a lot of you might realize that male bloggers are not as common as female bloggers. There are lots of obstacles and challenges that none of you can imagine. Stay tuned for my interview in May so you guys will get to know more about my blogger life.

In this generation, many things are “instagramized”. For example, you will not be able to find a spot called “Instagram Pier”on Google Map. Instead, you will be able to find this mysterious and alluring “Pier” on Instagram by searching hash-tag and location. Yes you are right! This “Pier” refers to the Kennedy Town Pier. This pier is known for its amazing reflection of sunset that forms an illusion of mirror. Although the illusion wasn't there anymore due to the weather, everything such as the amazing view of the harbor makes for an alluring picture.

Except Instagram Pier, is there Instagram Canteen, Instagram Garden or Instagram Road? That’s the question that we need to think and further explore! Let’s find another Instagram spot fellows!


活於IG世代,很多事物都被IG化。立即打開Google Map搜尋"Instagram Pier",你會發現…沒有這個地方。但在instagram的location和hashtag就會發現這個神秘碼頭,其實就是堅尼地城海旁的西環貨運碼頭,不少文青都留過倩影,最著名就是當時地上一灘水反映了日落,造成“天空之鏡”效果!與 @chan.tsz.ying 到訪當日那灘水已經人間蒸發,但那些唏噓的燈柱、憂鬱的貨櫃還有壯麗的海港,仍然能打造強烈的畫面感,愛拍照的朋友一定會有所收獲。

除了Instagram Pier,還有沒有Instagram Canteen、Instagram Garden、Instagram Road等等?路係人TAG出嚟,不如我們一起找下一個據點。